2015 Root Signals Electronic Music Festival

April 9, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

The Division of Music at Jacksonville University, and the Department of Music at Georgia Southern University are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Root Signals Electronic Music Festival featuring guest percussionist Tony Steve, a three-day festival of electronic music and media art, to be held September 10 – 12, 2015 on the beautiful campus of Jacksonville University. Festival venues include Terry Concert Hall, a 400-seat concert hall with 8.1 channel sound and video, the Blackbox Theatre, a 75-seat venue with stereo sound and video, and the Riverhouse, an on-campus bar venue for late night concerts.
Any composer regardless of age or nationality may submit 1 (one) work for fixed media, video, instruments and fixed media/electronics, solo laptop performance or ensemble, and multi channel works up to 8.1 channels to the selection committee. We are also interested in composers/performers to submit a concert length (1-hour) live performance set for our late night concerts at the Riverhouse. Works under 10 minutes will receive priority consideration, although longer works will be considered. Applicants are required to bring their own performers for selected works. There is no submission fee, but accepted composers are required to attend the festival and pay the registration fee for their work to be performed. Performers do not have to pay a registration fee, but must still register. Selected composers will be notified June 1.
For the festival, papers and lectures that deal with media art aesthetics, music technology and performance, audio signal processing, and other topics are encouraged. Paper sessions are 20 minutes each. We are also accepting proposals for installations at the festival. All installations will take place in the public area of our expanded Terry Concert Hall lobby. Proposals should include a brief description of the installation (less than 200 words), all equipment necessary to realize the installation, and any equipment the festival needs to provide. Please provide any diagrams and accompanying documentation that will aid in the review process. Presenters may submit one proposal. Accepted presenters are required to attend the festival.

1. All submissions must be made online. Please do not send any attachments, as they will be deleted.
2. For multi-channel works, please provide a link to a stereo realization of the work.
3. For works with instruments, please provide a link to both a recording and a score of the work .
4. All links to submission materials must be set with an expiration date no earlier than June 1. Links sent with an expiration date before June 1 will not be considered.
5. If you are submitting a percussion work for consideration by Tony Steve, please make sure to select that option on the submission form.
6. Fill out the submission form at: http://goo.gl/forms/xDLK7TcNQU
7. Please include in your technical requirements both the equipment you will provide, and the equipment you wish the festival organizers to provide.
8. If you are submitting a paper/installation proposal, you may also submit a concert work.
9. Root Signals exists to provide a forum and a weekend of community building for composers and performers of electronic music. We deeply appreciate the willingness of composers and performers to travel to attend the festival. We work diligently to keep the conference fees, without which this conference could not be presented, as low as possible.

More Information:

John Thompson, technical director: jthompson@georgiasouthern.edu

Michael James Olson, conference director: molson1@ju.edu