Ailie Robertson Shortlisted for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Award for Achievement in New Music

March 2, 2017 in safnm2017 by mwhiteside

Ailie Robertson

  1. How did Echoes and Traces come about to begin with?

Echoes and Traces really evolved over several years. I had found the Nobilis Humilis plain chant a few years ago while researching another project, and thought it would be a great idea to use for a piece, but it wasn’t the right fit for that project. Then in 2015 I was thinking about how many fabulous composers we have in Scotland, and how rich our musical heritage is, but how little New Music gets a high-profile public stage, or repeated performances. So Echoes and Traces gradually came together, as a way to highlight and promote Scotland’s New Music Talent. 

  1. What were the highlights of the 2016 performances?

There were many: the amazing venues we got to perform in, particularly places like Iona Abbey and Dunfemline Abbey which are so atmospheric, the opportunity to hear the pieces grow and evolve over 7 performances, the amazing audience responses we had, and the excitement of seeing so much press and media coverage for Scottish New Music. 

  1. You’re also a composer in your own right – what pieces did you write in 2016?

In addition to my Echoes and Traces piece I wrote a range of other works including Scathagh for String Quartet and Harp, Flickering Blazing Burning for The Bozzini Quartet, a piece for the London Contemporary Choral Festival and a 60-minute programme of new works for harp for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. 

  1. What piece/project/performance did you see this year that you wished you had programmed or been involved in yourself?

The tribute to Tony Conrad by Charlemagne Palestine at HCMF was one of the most powerful perforamnces I’ve seen all year.

  1. What is the project that you would most like to do?  The Dream Project…?

I think my dream project would be to collaborate with Scottish Ballet on writing the score for a new ballet. The relationship between music and movement is fascinating to me, and I would love the chance to work with such an amazing company!