Colin Currie

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Describe yourself and your aims

My aim is to bring high quality, adventurous music to as wide an audience as possible, and to leave an enduring legacy for my art form of solo/chamber percussion music. 


Performing - and commissioning - new music has plenty of challenges, but also can be very satisfying.  What is it about performing new music that keeps you excited and inspired?

Taking an audience my surprise. With new music you can pull people in directions they never knew existed and this is highly rewarding for all concerned.


What has been your most memorable performance from the last year? 

It was marvellous to perform Andrew Norman’s “Switch” with my former youth orchestra of NYOS. To go on this enormous voyage of discovery for my instruments, premiere this amazing new piece far away in the USA, play it somewhere like Carnegie Hall and to bring it back to my own musical roots was very satisfying. Most especially to observe how this piece caught the imagination of the young musicians of NYOS, this was a wonderful 'full circle' experience.


If you could commission a new work from any historical composer in collaboration from a living artist, who would it be and why?

Easy: I would go straight to Bela Bartok for a Percussion Concerto. He definitely had one in him and his use of percussion at the forefront of many of his works clearly pointed this way as being not far off. With a Bartok Premiere in hand, I could probably get a few orchestras and festivals interested I dare say, so I think the Edinburgh Festival would be a fine place for the premiere!!


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