Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

It’s been a busy year!  What was the most exciting new music moment for you?

The Algebra of Listening which was part of my A Carnatic Paradigm project coming together so well for the three city tour of India and working with so many supportive Indian and UK artists and producers on it. Particularly the Fort Kochi leg of the tour when Kerelan folk artists and Farah Mullah joined the project. The Pepper House is such a beautiful place.


What have been the musical highlights for you as an uninvolved audience member over the last year?

Seeing Marginal Consort perform one of their very rare durational performances in Tokyo at Superdeluxe in February

Seeing Art Ensemble of Chicago perform at Café Oto in London.

Seeing Jurg Frey perform one of his own works at Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival with a great ensemble.

And seeing Ashley Paul perform her songs with a Scottish ensemble of players at Counterflows.


You’ve been involved in commissioning several composers this year…how did you decide who to approach?

Firstly it is about finding artists that are doing interesting work (a very subjective thing) and then it is about what the project might be at that particular time. But it is mostly about who I want to work with and seeing if they want to work with me. Then we can start….


If you could give one piece of advice to an audience member who is coming to see some new music for the first time, what would it be?

The only advice I have is if you are at all interested don’t worry about not liking stuff. There is no criteria but your own. Don’t care what other people think, especially those that say they know what is good. The new doesn’t always work and that’s ok. The exciting thing is that it should be a new experience and it’s ok to laugh.


What is the dream project that you would like to be involved in?

Counterflows is the Dream Project… but other than that I’d like to commission Bjork to do a song cycle with the BBC SSO.



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