Bass clarinetquartet

July 15, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Bass clarinet Kitchen: competition and laboratory

Part of 2nd “Basklarinet Festijn” in the Netherlands january 2016

Competition for European composers until 35 year

Please send us a new piece with the following aspects:
– composition for 4 bass clarinets
(may also contain parts with clarinet, bassethorn, or contrabass clarinet)
– composition contains improvisation and/or live-electronics
– length is +/- 5min

– Rozalie Hirs (composer)
– Robert van Heumen (composer, improviser, laptop-instrumentalist)
– Claudio Puntin (composer, bass clarinetist, improviser)

external advice
– Harry Sparnaay (bass clarinetist)

The best piece, chosen by the jury, will be performed 3 x in the Netherlands january 2016
Details about prize money: will be announced at

Deadline to submit your piece is: 30.november.2015