Bassoon and Electronics

October 5, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

I am writing my dissertation on works for solo bassoon and electronics or solo contrabassoon and electronics and am looking for works comprised of those two components for my annotated bibliography. Works can be comprised of interactive media (MAX/MSP or other software) or fixed media (tape, CD, Mp3), but I will need all directions, and notated music. Text based pieces will also be accepted, but must explicitly be written for the bassoon. Open instrumentation works will not be accepted. There is no age, gender, or nationality restriction on this call.

Your name, the title of your work, a website or other link to you or publisher of the work will be published. This will be accompanied by a brief description. This list will serve as a reference for future bassoonists looking for works to perform in this genre.

Official deadline for this call: November 1st

Please email entries to Jolene Masone at

Though I may love to perform your work someday, this call is not for performance. Perusal scores are accepted.