BEEP Call for Scores 2015

February 26, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Early consideration deadline: March 9
Final deadline: April 1
Focus areas (for special consideration): gameplay, improv, notation, live processing

The Boyer Electroacoustic Ensemble Project is now accepting works for laptop orchestra and electronic music ensemble for our 2015 season. Composers in any stage of their career are encouraged to submit works for up to twenty performers. Smaller subsets of 3 to 5 players are also welcome. Works for hybrid ensembles including traditional acoustic instruments will also be considered if the electronic element requires significant and largely independent live performance. This season, we are particularly interested in programming works that use gameplay, improvisation, electronic music notation, and/or live processing as a means of shaping performance. All submissions will be considered, but preference will go to works featuring these elements.

BEEP is an electronic music ensemble at the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University, which serves as a vehicle for electroacoustic music creation in a collaborative environment. We embrace a variety of aesthetics, from EDM to the avant garde. We function in varied modalities: from a laptop orchestra, to hybrid acoustic and electronic chamber ensembles, to an electronic music band. BEEP was founded and is directed by Dr. Adam Vidiksis.

Our ensemble’s goals are:
To explore new musical paths and new technologies
To unite people of varying and complimentary skills sets in the task of creating new sonic possibilities
To promote expressive music making
To increase technological understanding amongst students, participants, and audience members
To promote a culture of code literacy and computer competency
To improve musicianship and expression amongst participants
To perform the ever-expanding repertory of electronic music, particularly for laptop orchestra
To advocate electronic music performance in the Temple University, Philadelphia, and national community
To promote critical and independent thinking, both musically and otherwise

Works selected for performance will be presented in Philadelphia, at Temple University and in the surrounding community. There is no fee for submission, however, we cannot offer composers a fee for performing their work at this time. We will provide selected composers with a program from each performance, as well as audio and video documentation when possible. Works for any platform and software are acceptable (e.g. Pure Data, Max/MSP, ChucK, Supercollider, etc.). Please send any requisite documents for performance, including PDF parts/scores, software files, and technical information, as well as a representative compressed audio file, program note, and composer bio to Adam Vidiksis at Please compress all files in a ZIP folder labeled title_lastname.ZIP, and attach a link for download through a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox).

Submissions will be accepted until April 1st, but early review will begin on March 9th. Works submitted by the early review deadline will be considered for our April concert.