Call for composer 2015

May 7, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

GöteborgsOperan and Share Music began collaborating in 2014. We are now looking for a composer who will play a central role in developing our work together over the next 2 years.

Our vision
We want to engage a professional team who, under the leadership of director Stephen Langridge, will create a new opera or music theatre work for an integrated cast. We plan to commission a work of approximately 1-hour for a mixed ensemble of singers and musicians from GöteborgsOperan and Share Music. We anticipate working with approximately 16 performers in total.

The composer we’re looking for…
Has a strong artistic identity and enjoys working with artistic input from other people
Wants to collaborate as part of an artistic team
Is interested in creating work that uses and explores the voice
Is interested in the expressive possibilities of a range of people
Has a sense of humour and appetite for creative adventure
The process
In 2015, we’re running a number of courses together, focusing largely on creating new work through artistic collaborative processes. The aim is to explore the relationship between text, voice and theatre, involving and reaching out to different groups of people. In 2016 we’ll run workshop with the ensemble, to generate material that contributes to the creation of the new work.
Why we’re collaborating
We enjoy working creatively across boundaries. We enjoy working with a mix of art-forms (entirely natural to opera) and with a mix of people with different levels of experience, different abilities and ways of expressing themselves. This work isn’t just enriching for the people who take part. We think it’s exciting and important in terms of our art-forms, artists, audiences and how these develop.

Apply for Call for Composer
You will find all the information on how to apply and comission fees on our website.
Deadline June 15th. 2015.