Call for New Gamelan Compositions!

June 14, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Gamelan Composers’ Forum would like to invite 5 composers to write new music for our small ensemble of gamelan and electronics for our annual
event: ‘Concert and Discussion of New Music for Gamelan’ to be held on 24th October 2015 at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, UK.

This event is now in its third year and has in previous years hosted composers such as Philip Corner (US/Italy), Jody Diamond (US), David Kotlowy (Australia), Judith Exley (New Zealand), Makoto Nomura (Japan), Jonas Bisquert (Spain/Holland), Robert Campion (UK), and Aris Daryono (Indonesia/UK).

To be considered you will need to send a short written proposal with some supporting materials (web links or demos) by July 6th.
You will be informed shortly after the deadline as to whether you are selected.

The selected composers will need to write new music for up to 5 live gamelan musicians, including the possibility of composing for a pesindhen and the option of including electronics. The selected composers would need to be able to attend the event and participate in the discussion. A legible score and parts must be submitted by the deadline in either kepatihan notation or a mixture of western and kepatihan notation (where pitches are indicated using the kepatihan number system). Scores submitted only in western notation will not be accepted.

The pieces should be no longer than 12 minutes using ANY combination of the Javanese gamelan instruments listed below and electronics (fixed media background and/or real-time rendering performed by the composers).

– Slenthem (slendro AND/OR pelog)
– Rebab
– Gender Barung (slendro AND/OR pelog nem and barang)
– Bonang Barung (slendro AND/OR pelog)
– Kendhang (ciblon and kendhang gedhe)
– Gong Ageng
– Gong Suwukan 1 and 2 (slendro)

Deadline to submit the scores for selected composers: 14th September 2015.

Please contact Aris Daryono for more information (