Call for Scores

January 9, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, electroacoustic by mwhiteside

In order to encourage the creation of new music, both instrumental and electronic, Sonosíntesis International Festival of Music, Sound Art and the Festival [ex nihilo] invites all composers to participate in the “First Call for Scores to Instrumental, Acousmatic and Electroacoustic Works Sonosíntesis 2016”.
1. All composers, of any nationality can enroll. There is no age limit.
2. Each composer must submit only one piece per category.
3. The pieces must have been written within the last decade (2005 to 2015).
4. The duration of the pieces must be 10 minutes max.
5. Pieces that have been performed are welcome, but preference will be given to those have not been performed before.
6. This call is divided into the following categories: I) Instrumental music: It is possible to enroll pieces for the following instrumental ensembles:
a) Piano solo. b) Cello solo. c) Violin and piano. d) Violin, cello and piano. e) A cappella vocal quartet (S A T B). f) Viola, flute, guitar and percussion. g) Flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano*.
*For the ensemble g), any kind of instrumental combination is permitted, from a solo instrument, to a complete ensemble.
II) Electroacoustic (electronic and instrumental). Pieces with the already mentioned instrumental combinations may enroll, interacting with electronic music by a backing track or real-time generation or manipulation. In this case (real-time) composers must bring their own software and necessary hardware for the musical execution.
III) Acousmatic music. Only finished pieces to be played through loudspeakers may enroll, without the presence of players or real-time manipulation.
7. Category I and II, the score and the parts must be legible and submitted in PDF format.
8. Category II and III, works in stereo or multichannel format will be accepted (up to 8 independent channels). In the case of multi-channel pieces, tracks (in WAV or AIFF
formats) must be submitted, separating and numbering which channel to be use each track.
In addition a stereo version should be attached for evaluation in MP3, WAV or AIFF format.
9. All materials should be sent in a single file (ZIP) and the folder must be named as the piece itself. If necessary, you must use a transfer method (WeTransfer or Dropbox) and attach the download link in the email to the next address, with the subject: Call for… Piece, and mention the category in which it participates (Instrumental, Electroacoustic or Acousmatic).
10. Only one mail must be sent with the following data: · Full name of the composer. · Age. · Nationality.
· Place of residence. · Category. · Title of the piece. · Instrumental ensemble. (If applicable)
11. The reception deadline of the pieces will be on Sunday, January 3, 2016 at 23:59. SELECTION:
12. The review and selection of the pieces will be undertaken by the performers and their final decision. In the case of Category III, there will be a Selection Committee, constituted of national well known composers.
13. The list of selected pieces will be announced on Sunday, January 31, 2016, at the official festival’s websites: and

14. The composers whose pieces have been selected must submit, before Sunday February 7, 2016, the following requirements to the same email address:
· Description of the musical work. · Composer’s biography. · Photograph of the composer (in a 300 dpi resolution).
15. The chosen pieces will be performed by different national and international well known ensembles in the concerts programmed within the Sonosíntesis Festival 2016 in collaboration with the Festival [ex nihilo], from 11 to 19 March 2016.
16. This “Call for Scores” is not a contest. However, the selected composers will receive a recognition during the presentation of their pieces and may participate as listeners (with no cost), in composition workshops and master classes that will be offered in the Festival.
17. Committee of the Festival will resolve the non-specified cases.