November 4, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Call for 5 new scores performed by an outstanding and diverse group of pianists and percussionists

Continuing with our first 2 piano festival last June 2015, we are planning on having a call for 5 new scores with a deadline of January 15, 2016. The criteria is 2 pianos and just about anything else, in particular however, we are trying to promote the repertoire for pianos, percussion and electronics. We will continue a collaboration with some of the many diverse, outstanding players from last year including: Steven Beck, Owen Carter, Julia Den Boer, Melinda Faylor, Monika Haar, Olivier Herbert-Bouchard, Eric Huebner, David Hughes, Sunny Knable, Kristin Samadi, Zi Liang, Andrea Lodge, Stephen Olsen, Vasudevan Panicker, Manon Hutton-DeWys, Kristin Samadi, Sandra Sprecher, Adam Tendler, Sophie Zhang, Derin Oge along with percussionsist Joe Tucker and Ellery Trafford and our tech genius Michael Ricca.

Last season we presented a combination of classic 20th century literature for 2 pianos such as Stravinsky, Adams, Bartok, Berio, Reich, Glass and a rare interpretation of Feldman’s Ixion along side new 21st century works from composers George, Dicke, Knable, Sprecher and Andres. This year we particularly would like to seek out at least 5 new pieces to present as well as more of the 20th-21st century “classics”. Last season the culmination of the final concert on June 21 was a telematic performance of the stunning Icelandic hymn Kolbeinn Turnason and Torkell Sigurbjörnsson’s ”Heyr Himna Smiður”. We had the vocalists and 11 pianists bowing the insides of the pianos in the performance area, as the bowed vibraphone players were set up in a different area and telecast into the performance space. Likewise the performance space was telecast into the other area on a screen. We would like to use this experiment as a jumping off place to use multiple locations around the firehouse and perhaps a few other completely different locations in the city for a real telematic performance. In particular this would allow for multiple people playing simultaneously while exploiting the really special acoustics here at the firehouse. This would be one of the new commissioned pieces we would be looking for. This experiment also was successful because the screen and the vibes were visible from the street and this gave many people an experience without committing to buying a ticket. This is something we are going to pursue more regularly, allowing the neighborhood to experience some music that they normally would never seek out.

Composers can send scores to with CALL FOR SCORES in the subject. If recordings are available, please provide us with a link. Please include a resume or CV as well as a link to your website.