Call for Scores – Estovest Festival 2016

June 26, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Association Ensemble Xenia (Turin, Italy) is happy to announce Call for Scores of the 15th EstOvest Festival, open to candidates born after January 1st 1980 from all over the world.

EstOvest Festival: a journey in today’s music
The aim of the EstOvest Festival is exchange between different cultures : on the one hand the Festival encourages integration and comparison of ancient musical traditions with contemporary expression; on the other hand the artistic journey revisits the western avant-garde compositions, in a spirit of creative research.
The 2016 EstOvest Festival “Così lontano Così vicino (So far away So near)” will continue its research towards the most distinct musical experiences of our times.

The winning composer will compose a piece for string quartet lasting 8/10 minutes inspired by the exhibition “Second chance” by Eugenio Tibaldi.
The exhibition will take place at the Museum ETTORE FICO in Turin, from 26 October 2016 to 8 January 2017.
The piece will be performed by Xenia Ensemble , recorded and then broadcast in the Museum for the whole duration of the exhibition. Consequently it will be fundamental to take into account the acoustics of the space in which the quartet will be exclusively broadcast.

The Exhibition
“Second chance”, an exhibition curated by Andrea Busto, is the result of a long sojourne by Eugenio Tibaldi in Barriera di Milano district in Turin, explored in its most diverse aspects: from history, to society, to the architectural presence of old factories, always of interest to the artist. In the exhibition, historical works will dialogue with new works produced specifically for the exhibition, creating a common thread that aims at analyzing some really strongly stereotyped realities while at the same time attempting their possible conversion into an artistic form. From maps made with the cooperation of the local residents, from Supernatural, the contemporary designed bathroom inspired by the toilets of Roma camps, to the work dedicated to the historical “Cavallero Band” – and specifically to the three founders and their second life commenced once out of prison – Tibaldi creates a strong and evocative path at the same time, born from the direct relationship with the neighborhood and consequently with the city. The result is an exhibition in which the initial data is never used in an archival way , but reused as if they were colors in a palette on which to plot a hypothetical painting, a utopian-analytical line of the historical moment in which we live.

How to participate
The competition is for young composers born after 1st January 1980.
Candidates are required to send the following :
– a short written project in English (or Italian) about the piece they intend to compose which takes inspiration from the Exhition “Second Chance”
– CV
– 2 existing scores (not more) for any chamber formation in PDF format
– audio files, if possible, and web references.
– a letter of reference if so desired

All material should be sent electronically with PDF attachments to the following address
All emails must be marked “Subject: Call for Scores – Estovest 2016”.
The deadline is June 30th 2016.
All emails will be duly acknowledged.

The result will be announced online not later than July 15th. The selected composer will be informed by email as soon as the decision has been reached and will be asked to compose the new piece and to deliver it by email in PDF format to the same address not later than 30 August 2016.

The jury comprises:

Internationally renowned composers :
Mauro Montalbetti, Italy
Dimitri Yanov Yanovsky, Uzbekistan

Artistic coordinator EstOvest Festival
Claudio Pasceri, cellist Ensemble Xenia

Artistic Committee Ensemble Xenia Association
Adrian Pinzaru, leader Ensemble Xenia
Eilis Cranitch, violinist Ensemble Xenia

A registration fee is not required and the winner will not receive any monetary award but
EstOvest Festival guarantees full coverage on all publicity material related to the Festival as well as on our web site and social network.

The Call for Scores 2016 is an initiative of the Ensemble Xenia Association in cooperation with Museo Ettore Fico and The Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale in Saluzzo (CN) which will record and produce the winner’s composition.

For further information:…
Associazione Ensemble Xenia – +393314320950 –