Call for Scores for Tempus Konnex

April 2, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

TEMPUS KONNEX invites submissions for its first call for scores.

Composers of any nationality born on or after January 1, 1980.

Deadline: 15 July, 2015


1. Duration: up to 25 minutes

2. Instrumentation (no solo pieces or duets will be accepted):

• Flute (piccolo/flute/alto/bass)
• Oboe
• Violin

3. Works that have already been performed and/or recorded are eligible for this call.

Applicants should submit:

1) Completed Call for Scores Competition Submission Form

2) Email to containing the following format:

• Score
• Program Notes
• Performance history of the submission (when applicable)
• Recording of the work (when applicable)
• Biography in PDF format

The results will be published on (1 August, 2015) on the official TEMPUS KONNEX website and its Facebook page.

The works will be premiered in Salzburg, Austria, on 3 October, 2015.
The concert will be held at the Künstlerhaus in cooperation with the Salzburg artist Astrid Rieder and the philosopher Prof. Gunnar Hindrichs.

For questions please write to (Jacques Zafra)

Desription of Tempus Konnex


is a collaboration of professional artists from different fields, who have committed themselves to setting a new stage for avant-garde music. The composer JiYoun Doo founded Tempus Konnex together with two other composers, Hakan Ulus and Jacques Zafra, in 2014.

TEMPUS KONNEX cannot be described as an ensemble in the classical sense of the word. To perform and understand music requires more than simply playing repertoire: it involves unveiling the music’s technical and aesthetic considerations as well as its historical setting to the audience. Therefore, theory is not perceived as an imposition overshadowed by music, but rather as a vital element of the music itself.

For this purpose, the concerts include an integration of lectures, interviews and discussions. Moreover, Tempus Konnex’s activity goes beyond the stage and extends to its website for reflections about contemporary music. Extensive dialogues, essays, and criticisms will be facilitated and foster a close collaboration of performers, composers, musicologists, and philosophers.

The synergy of playing, hearing and thinking is the core idea behind Tempus Konnex, and the audience is invited to learn about that synergy and to take part in it.