Call for Submissions : Electroacoustic Works

September 13, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, electroacoustic by mwhiteside

1. Les Journées d’Informatique Musicale (JIM) is an annual conference which brings together researchers, composers, and musicians in the field of electronic and computerized music. The selection of works for JIM 2017 aims to promote electroacoustic music by young composers of all nationalities born after December 31, 1985.

2. The JIM 2017 call for submissions is organized by: Collegium Musicæ, Motus and TPMC.

3. Works are submitted anonymously and must fit one of the following two categories:

1) Acousmatic Music
2) Mixed Music (instruments and electronics) with or without real-time system

Each composer may present only ONE work per category (maximum 2 pieces per composer), with a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

4. Submission Guidelines in two steps:
Step 1: Send registration form by December 31, 2016.
The candidate must first send a ZIP file to before receiving an application number.

ZIP files should be submitted with the following naming format:
LASTNAME Firstname_JIM2017 (example: DOE John_JIM2017)
and must contain both files listed below:

-Registration form in PDF (file name: LASTNAME Firstname_inscription_JIM2017)

-Copy of ID Card or Passport in JPG or PDF (file name: LASTNAME Firstname_ID_JIM2017)

Upon registration, each composer will receive an application number. This number will be used in naming your submission files.

Step 2: Send your submission by January 5, 2017.

Registered candidates in the Acousmatic Music Category must send a ZIP file
(file name: Application No. _JIM2017) to via WeTransfer with the following two files:

– Stereo sound file ONLY (no multitracks) in WAV or AIF format- 48 kHz 16-bit (file name: Application No. _work_JIM2017)
– Instructions and technical specifications in PDF

(file name: Application No. _notice_JIM2017)

Registered candidates in the Mixed Music Category must send a ZIP file
(file name: ApplicationNo. _JIM2017) to via WeTransfer with the following three files:

– Stereo sound file in WAV or AIF format – 48 kHz 16-bit (file name: Application No. _sound_JIM2017)
– Score in PDF
(file name: Application No. _score_JIM2017)

– Instructions and technical specifications in PDF

(file name: Application No. _notice_JIM2017)

* Candidates registered in both categories are requested to send two separate ZIP files, one for each category.
* IMPORTANT: the absence of any of the required documents will render a registration null and void.

Postal deliveries will NOT be considered.

5. A final selection of six works total (3 acousmatic and 3 mixed music) will be made by the International Jury Committee and will make up the concert program at the JIM 2017 in Paris, May 18-19, 2017.

The list of the six finalists will be published by March 1, 2017.

6. The 3 prizewinners in the Acousmatic Category will be encouraged to perform their music in concert on the MOTUS-Acousmonium, which consists of forty speakers. Rehearsal time will be granted.
The 3 prizewinners in the Mixed Music Category must confirm their participation along with accompanying musicians no later than March 15, 2017. They will be responsible for the technical requirements for broadcast the day of the concert.
The organizer cannot ensure reimbursement for transportation costs or musician’s fees.

The Artistic Committee of JIM 2017:

Vincent Laubeuf (MOTUS) Nathanaëlle Raboisson (MOTUS) Lin-Ni Liao (TPMC – IReMus) Laure Marcel-Berlioz (CDMC)