Call for Submissions: NoiseFloor

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NoiseFloor 2015, 29th April – 1st May
Staffordshire University, UK
Call for fixed media works, live performances, AV compositions, installations & talks

Submission Deadline: 1st February 2015
Notification of acceptance: By 23rd February 2015
Registration fee: None
Entry fee: None

Staffordshire University Music Technology department is pleased to invite submissions for NoiseFloor 2015. Fixed media, live performances, audio-visual works, installations and papers are invited for consideration.


The intention of NoiseFloor is to take an inclusive approach to exploratory electronic music making. The conference will include music which is composed around beats as a primary compositional component as well as music which is based around texture and gesture as formative elements. Regardless of the style, music selected for performance will be intrinsically linked by an enthusiasm for extending the boundaries of electronic music making through sonic exploration.

This year we are underlining the central spirit of NoiseFloor by actively seeking multichannel acousmatic music created by composers whose background or interests lie with electronica, techno or bass music. We are keen to invite live laptop performances as well as fixed media music from these composers to uncover how this mix of musical styles might inform one another.

As well as this particular specialism, we also welcome submissions from fixed media acousmatic composers who compose for both two channel or multichannel speaker set-ups.

Submission format

Please send download links to your work using one of the many file delivery services (DropBox etc) in .zip or archived format. Please do not email file attachments.
Electronic submissions should be sent to

We no longer accept submissions on physical media.

Fixed Media works

Music from any discipline will be considered but pieces which addresses the theme of the conference will be given preference. Composers are encouraged to submit a paper which discusses the composition of the work. Multi-channel submissions should be accompanied by a stereo reduction of the piece as well as a multi-channel version if at all possible. Two channel binaural versions work well.

Please also include a brief programme note, biography and a speaker map for multi-channel works or an intelligible naming system (e.g. FR=FrontRight, FL-FrontLeft, FSR=FrontSideRight, FSL=FrontSideLeft, RSL=RearSideLeft, RSR=RearSideRight, RR=RearRight, RL=RearLeft).

Please note that whilst duration is unlimited, composers are restricted to submitting a maximum of two fixed media works.

Live laptop performances

Any discipline of electronic music will be considered but performances that address the theme of NoiseFloor will be given priority. Examples of previous performances should be sent via DropBox or links to YouTube/Vimeo etc. Musical examples should be provided if a performance has yet to take place.

It is important that the submission contains a detailed technical rider so that the panel can assess whether the department are able to support the performance. Whilst the department do have access to extensive music and AV gear, it will be assumed that performers will be self contained unless otherwise stated.

Audio-Visual works

All movie formats are accepted as well as links to video-sharing websites. Please be sure to include a brief programme note and biography. As with the fixed media works, composers are restricted to submitting a maximum of two pieces.
Artists submitting installation work should initially submit an abstract along with supporting imagery, diagrams or footage of the installation where relevant. The department are able to provide a limited number of loudspeakers, but please ensure the submission includes a detailed technical rider.


Paper submissions which explore the theme of the conference will be given priority but papers which cover more general compositional approaches to electronic music are also warmly invited.

Paper submissions are encouraged from, but are not limited to the following areas:

– Cross-genre works/research
– Beat-based music
– Widening access to sonic arts
– Composition and aesthetics
– Sociological considerations for the above

Paper sessions will last 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions/discussion. A lecture theatre will be provided with projector and stereo playback.


Questions or comments should be directed to Dr Ben Ramsay (

Visit the NoiseFloor website at for more information on the conference.