Composition Competition LAUDEM 2017

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LAUDEM, the Association of Liturgical Musicians of Canada, organizes a composition competition on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Montréal


Every person, regardless of nationality or age, who is not member of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM, is eligible to apply.

Jury and prizes:

The jury will comprise the members of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM.
The composer will receive a monetary prize of CAN $500
The winning work will be published by LAUDEM Publishing House.

The work must use the text provided, but it does not have to be necessarily composed for the competition.
The work may have been performed before the competition.
Each composer may submit more than one work.

The work will be scored for SATB without divisi, a cappella or with organ.

There are no fees to participate in the competition.

The following information and documents will be sent to

1) A word of PDF file containing your name, nationality, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number.

2) Score in PDF format, letter size or A4 size.

LAUDEM composition competition

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LAUDEM, the Association of Liturgical Musicians of Canada, organizes a composition competition on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of Montréal

Every person, regardless of nationality or age, who is not member of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM, is eligible to apply.

Important dates:
Friday, September 15, 2017: Deadline for submitting the works.
Monday, October 9, 2017: finalists and winner(s) are announced during the annual Study Day, organized by LAUDEM, which will take place on October 9.
Sunday, November 12, 2017: concert featuring the works of the finalists and the winner(s), included in the Oasis Musicale concert series at Saint George Anglican Church in Montréal.
Le mercredi 22 novembre 2017, Interprétation de certaines œuvres retenues au Concours LAUDEM à l’occasion d’une messe en l’honneur de Sainte Cécile à l’église montréalaise dont elle est patronne.
Wednesday, November 22 2017: Presentation of certain works during a mass honouring Saint Cecilia at the Montréal Catholic church of which she is the Patron Saint.
Beginning of 2018: publications of the winning compositions (and others, as per discretion of the jury) by LAUDEM Publishing House.

Jury and prizes:
The jury will comprise the members of the Administrative Council of LAUDEM.
The composer will receive a monetary prize of CAN $500
The winning work will be published by LAUDEM Publishing House.
The jury can choose more than one winning work. In this case, the monetary prize will be divided between the composers of the winning works.
The jury can accord more than one prize and can recommend more than one work for publication.
The decisions of the jury are final.

The work must use the text provided, but it does not have to be necessarily composed for the competition.
The work may have been performed before the competition.
Each composer may submit more than one work.
The work will be scored for SATB without divisi, a cappella, or with organ.

There are no fees to participate in the competition.

The following information and documents will be sent to
1) A word of PDF file containing your name, nationality, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number.
2) Score in PDF format, letter size or A4 size.

Text (translation included to facilitate comprehension):
The psalmody is included here as information only. You do NOT have to use it in your composition.
Tubas cum cytharis jam nunc assumite. Now take hold of trumpets and zythers
Triumphum Martyris jam nunc celebrate. Now celebrate the triumph of a martyr.
Angelorum et Virginum agmina. Troops of the Angels and Virgins,
Et cum voce laetitiae dicite. With the voice of gladness say:
[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]
Praeclara sitiens illa victoriae Thirsting for a brilliant victory,
In corpus saeviens virtute gratiae. In her body to fury burst the strength of grace,
Tradit furentibus. (Her body) that she delivers to the furious.
Membra mucronibus. Her members (which she delivers)
to their sharp instruments.
[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]
Et nos qui gemimus favens nos respice. And we who moan, look at us favorably.
Saepe quem laesimus sta coram judice. Stand before the Judge whom we have often offended:
Liberis det mentibus ad caelum tendere. May He give our souls, when detached from their bodies,
to go to Heaven.
Purgatosque sordibus fac tecum vivere. And purified from their defilements,
make them live in your company.
[O felix Caecilia! O felix Caecilia!] [O blessed Cecilia! O blessed Cecilia!]


Contact, questions, submissions:

Military Wives Choirs new commission

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Deadline – 14th April 2017

Composer brief – Sing, Share, Support commission 2017

Who we are

Families of service personnel move around frequently and their partners are deployed often, and it can be tough to put down roots, make new friends and get to know people in the local community.

The Military Wives Choirs bring women in the military community closer together through singing. We are a unique and special network in which women can come together to sing, share and support each other, wherever they are. We have over 70 choirs throughout the UK and overseas, across six countries, and around 2000 members, and each choir is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who are choir members themselves. Choir members can help one another through the tough times and celebrate the good times – we are stronger together.

The choirs share a core repertoire, which facilitates members’ moving between choirs. This year, we have the opportunity to commission a new song for the network.

Our values

  • SING – we sing great songs that challenge us to be the best we can be. We give performances that make us proud to be in a MWC.
  • SHARE – We enjoy each others’ company and feel part of something special.  Through having fun we feel uplifted and happier.
  • SUPPORT – We are a team and we help each other to cope.  A member of one MWC is an equally valued member of all MWCs.

What we are looking for

We love our ‘headline’ songs, such as Stronger Together, Wherever You Are, Sing and Home for Christmas. We are excited to share an amazing, patriotic, upbeat song which incorporates our key themes of camaraderie, support, strength, family, and fun. We are looking for a song our choirs will leave rehearsals singing, and audiences will remember!

Who can apply

The Military Wives Choirs welcomes submissions from songwriters, composers and other artists. This submission should ultimately be in the form of a melody with piano accompaniment. You can expect to visit rehearsals and collaborate with our choirs.

To apply to fulfil this opportunity, please send your CV along with a previous example of your work, a summary of your vision for the song and a quote for the costs involved to Julia Hudson, Music and Performance Manager via If you are unable to be involved in this project, expressions of general interest are also welcome.

We can only consider applications regarding music which has not already been written; if you would like us to consider adding your pre-existing piece to our repertoire then please email it to instead.

There will then be a shortlisting process; following this we will arrange for shortlisted candidates to come and speak to our panel.

The closing date for applications is 14th April 2017; interviews will be held w/c 17th April 2017.

The Orchestre d’Auvergne and the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie are launching a Composition Contest

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The Orchestre d’Auvergne and the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie are organizing a composition contest for the creation of a participative piece for amateur singers.

This will be a short piece for string orchestra and amateur singers.
This contest is inviting composers of all nationalities and aged up to 40 years old at the due date of registrations.

Deadline for submissions: 31st of May 2017
1st Prize awarded by the jury: 3000 €
2nd Prize awarded by the public: 1500 €

The winner’s composition will be recorded and performed in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region during the 2017/18 season.

In order to apply, please visit the following websites:

Khorikos International New Choral Music Competition

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KHORIKOS, one of NYC’s top a cappella choirs, is accepting a cappella score submissions for our 3rd ORTUS International New Music Competition.


Send us your best work for mixed a cappella choir! A premiere is welcome, but not necessary.
One submission per composer. Must be a living composer, otherwise no age limits.
The winning compositions will be announced in June 2017.
KHORIKOS is a balanced choir of 32 SATB voices.
15 minutes maximum duration. Shorter works are, of course, welcome.
Submission deadline is April 1st, 2017.
Your submission must include an audio representation of your score in some form (please see below for details).
Any level of technical difficulty welcome. From the simple and beautiful to the complex and dazzling, your imagination is the limit.
If selected, your music will be performed with meaningful aesthetic attention – not just a simple reading by a group of professionals.
The winning compositions will be performed in our beautiful home space, The Shrine Church of St. Anthony of Padua, in New York City’s historic SOHO.


We will select 20-30 works from the pool of submissions (depending on the duration of the pieces), and the members of KHORIKOS will select the winning compositions from there. Sending an audio file with the score is necessary in order to streamline the selection process for the singers – this can include a MIDI realization, rehearsal/performance recording, or a recording of a piano/instrumental reduction. The quality of this recording doesn’t matter as long as it sufficiently represents your score.

The 10 winning compositions will be announced in June 2017 and performed at The Shrine Church of St. Anthony of Padua in NYC on September 23rd, 2017.

We will live stream our performance of the winning compositions, in order to make your music accessible to an international audience. Previous ORTUS competitions have drawn thousands of online viewers!

Please submit your scores via email to and include “new music for Khorikos” in the subject.

Lastly, please like us on Facebook (Khorikos Music) and share this post with your own musical communities so we can reach composers across the world.

The Uncommon Music Festival 2017 Composer Competition

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The Uncommon Music Festival is seeking submissions of new compositions for its 2017 Festival in Sitka Alaska. Compositions must fit the following criteria:

Scored for SATB vocal quartet with optional piano
4-6 minutes in length
The composition must not have received a public performance prior to the Festival
The composition can set any text, as long as that text is used with permission. It may deal with any subject matter.

The winner will receive a live performance of the composition, a high-quality audio/visual recording, and a $300 cash prize.

Note that the Festival reserves the right to freely distribute any recordings of the composition through physical or online media. Royalties from paid distribution will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Applicants must submit the following:

A PDF of the score
An MP3 rendering of the score (audio created by notation software is fine)
Applicants will be notified of the decision by March 31, 2017.

To apply, visit

Pacific Edge Voices Call for Scores

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Press Release:

February 25, 2017
Pacific Edge Voices, Call for Scores 2017

Berkeley CA, 2/20/17 – Pacific Edge Voices announces a call for scores for performance in 2018. This is an opportunity for composers to hear their work performed live and in concert. Scores must be submitted by August 1st, 2017.

This call for scores is open to composers of all ages and of all nationalities. Up to two compositions will be selected.

“Pacific Edge voices is a vocal ensemble with deep experience in rhythmic, innovative work,” explains Director Dr. Lynne Morrow. “We have a fondness for texts that speak to the best of the Human Condition.”

Pacific Edge Voices prides itself on performing cutting-edge music. Works that stand out as genre-bending or out of the ordinary will be given special consideration. Scores do not need to be premieres although never-performed work is encouraged. Pieces should be under 30 minutes in length. Longer works may be considered for performance in 2019. Composers will be notified about score selection by October 1st, 2017.

For more information about Pacific Edge Voices’ Call for Scores 2017 contact us at or call (510) 848-8022. Visit for more information about the group.

Works for baritone (voice) and piano or organ for church use

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I am the bass section leader at First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, FL. I am looking for repertoire to perform as a part of church services as introits or offertories. Works should be at least two minutes long, set a sacred English text (Biblical or a sacred poem, etc.), and be scored for baritone singer with piano or organ. Texts can be general Christian texts or specific to the church calendar (Lent, Advent, etc.). Single movements from larger works are welcome. The Biblical Songs (Op. 99) of Dvorak are a good guide for the type of thing I am looking for in terms of subject matter, but I welcome a variety of harmonic languages (tonal, post-tonal, etc.).

Please send a PDF file of scores and link to recordings (if available) to

I perform at least one solo a month, so I am looking for works continually. If chosen I will provide you with a recording and bulletin from that weeks service. Depending on the season and church schedule, I a may perform the work on 1-3 services in a given weekend.

Leith Hill Musical Festival Composition Competition 2017

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Leith Hill Musical Festival
Composition Competition 2017

Deadline 1st July

Brief: Music: A piece to be scored for TBB voices and piano

For: Suitable for mixed-ability amateur singers

Duration: 3 – 4 minutes

Text: Composers may choose their own text, which may be

sacred or secular in content and which must be in English.

Prizes: There will be three prizes

1st Prize: £250 and performance in the LHMF

2nd Prize: £150

3rd Prize: £75

Composers: Should be UK resident.

There is no age restriction.

There is no entry fee.

Professional musicians connected with the Festival Choirs

are not eligible to enter.

Judges: Jonathan Willcocks, LHMF Festival Conductor and another member

of the Festival Music Committee.

Timetable: 1st July 2017 : The deadline for receipt of entries

1st Sept 2017: Results will be announced/published

Notes: 1. The composer is responsible for obtaining permission to

use any text which is still in copyright.

2. Competition entries are to be submitted in conventional

written vocal score format. Please send two paper copies

and one pdf.

3. No audio files are required.

4. Entries will be judged anonymously.

5. More than one prize-winning entry may be performed in future

Festivals if the standard merits this.

6. LHMF reserves the right not to award specific prizes if the

Judges do not consider entries to merit them

Call for a capella choral works

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CoMA Voices is looking for short pieces to be workshopped at its Singing Adventures weekend ( in March 2017.

Pieces should be in up to six parts and do not need to follow standard SATB format. If you choose SATB format, you may split the upper parts, but not the lower parts due to the balance of the group. We like both conventional singing and unusual & interesting sounds and welcome non-conventional notation.

Pieces must be for unaccompanied voices. They should be no longer than 5 minutes, but can be as short as you like.

Composers should be available to attend the workshop in the afternoon of either Saturday 4 or Sunday 5 March 2017 in South Kensington, London.

For full details and a submission form, please contact .

CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) enables musicians of all abilities to actively participate in contemporary music.

Deadline – 17th Feb

5-Day Course for choral conductors & vocal leaders

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Deadline: 28 February 2017 at 12:30

Sing for Pleasure is offers training throughout UK for conductors and vocal leaders. Whether you are trying your hand at conducting for the first time, improving your musicianship skills or refreshing knowledge gained on previous courses, you can look forward to a challenging and enjoyable time in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere.

SfP conducting training is at four levels. The Foundation level is for complete beginners and those with limited experience of leading singing and conducting. Students on the Intermediate 1 course will normally have some experience of conducting and vocal leadership. The Intermediate 2 course is designed for those who have attended previous Sing for Pleasure courses, though experienced conductors are occasionally accepted directly onto this level. The Advanced course is also designed for those who have attended previous SfP courses.

The 5-Day Course in Glasgow focuses on the Foundation and Intermediate 1 levels.

– Preparing music and gesture thoroughly
– Singing the various voice-parts to enable them to be learnt quickly and efficiently
– Creating rapport and enjoyment
– Developing simple, clear, economical conducting gestures
– Achieving a musical performance, even with the simplest repertoire
– Controlling rehearsals and maintaining a good pace
– Analysing one’s own achievements and the work of others in a constructive way.

SfP Members £375 (non-members £415). The cost includes course handouts and a comprehensive resource pack.

Through the generosity of the John Lewis Partnership, some bursaries are available. Please refer to the website for further details.

There are a few places available (at no cost) for singers who wish to come along just to sing and observe. Please complete the online application form and state your interest to come as a singer.

The venue for the Glasgow course is the Music Department, 14 University Gardens, Glasgow. G12 8QH.

Our highly skilled team of tutors are all members of Sing for Pleasure and bring a range of experiences as professional conductors, musicians, teachers, trainers, adjudicators and workshop leaders. Our tutor for the Glasgow course is Katy Lavinia Cooper. (

The Glasgow course will run on:
11 March
8 April
29 April
20 May
3 June

Location: Glasgow City

For further information, please contact (Ula Weber), or visit

The deadline is Tuesday 28 February 2017 at 12:30.

The Malta International Choir Festival Composition Competition

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In 2017, the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority will be holding another edition of the Malta International Choir Festival between 2 and 5 November. As part of the structural components of the festival the organising committee is pleased to launch the 2nd edition of the Malta International Festival Composition Competition. The aim of this competition is to choose the best composition that will be performed and recorded during the festival. The competition is open to composers of any nationality and age.

For further information, you may email the Organiser on

Call for Scores: KC VITAs New Music Ensemble seeking chamber vocal works

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New music ensemble KC VITAs is seeking vocal works for solo or small ensemble (up to 4 voices). Original compositions or imaginative arrangements of carols or other winter-holiday songs are welcome.
Unaccompanied pieces or with piano accompaniment will be given preference, though exceptional works including one or a few instruments may be considered.

Deadline: November 1, 2016
Performance: December 15, 2016 – Kansas City, Missouri.

Submit finished pdf scores (and recordings if available) to

Composer and Librettist

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3FF is one of the UK’s leading interfaith organisations which exists to build understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs. The organisation works with teachers and students, artists and professionals, political leaders in Parliament and upcoming leaders still at University.

Mixed Up Chorus is one of 3FF’s flagship programmes. Now in its third year, this intercultural and intergenerational, non-auditioned 70-voice choir is uniting members and audiences through a love of music with regular performances, a global repertoire and exciting collaborations with other artists. The choir is led by Jeremy Haneman, conductor and director of the Royal Opera House’s Community Chorus.

Singing Our Lives (SOL), supported by Arts Council England, involves the creation of a new song series and musical resource for community choirs and schools exploring the stories of migrants and refugees in the UK. We are looking for a composer and librettist with experience in creating music collaboratively. They will join the Singing Our Lives team and trained members of the Mixed Up Chorus at a series of musical exchange workshops with refugee and migrant groups. These will inform the creation of 2-3 new commissioned songs exploring the theme of migration. The Mixed Up Chorus and others will perform the songs at a gala launch performance in Summer 2017. The songs will then be disseminated along with a resource exploring the experiences of refugees and migrants to schools and other community choirs.

Dates: Recruitment and project development is already underway, training and workshops will take place in Spring 2017, Gala performance Summer 2017

Job description: Composer and Librettist, Mixed Up Chorus

Duties will include:

  • Taking part and contributing to faith based/ dialogue training with choir members
  • Participating in a series of music exchange workshops with trained choir members and migrant groups
  • Capturing stories from workshops and turning content (themes, stories and musical references) into 2-3 new pieces of commissioned work in both SATB and unison arrangements

Desirable criteria:

  • Experience of writing vocal and choral music for amateur singers
  • Experience in collaborative composition
  • Confidence in working with people from a range of belief and cultural backgrounds
  • Experience working with migrant groups
  • Commitment and sensitivity to working in an intercultural setting
  • Experience in developing workshops around music/story exchange

Fee: Composer £2500, librettist £1500

If you are interested in either of these posts please send a CV, any links to your music and a covering letter explaining why you are interested in the role and how your skills and experience match the desired criteria to:

Deadline: 10 October 2016

For more information please contact

JAM’s Call for Music is now OPEN

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The deadline for submissions is Friday 2nd December 2016

Submit music for choir, brass quintet and organ, or any combination of these forces.

Anyone aged 18 or over may submit music to JAM if they are born, living or studying in the UK.

Successful submissions will receive a professionally recorded performance in London with possible subsequent repeats around the UK.

A maximum time limit of 10 minutes per piece is stipulated. There is no minimum limit – a short fanfare is just as relevant as a 10 minute piece for all the forces.

Please do not submit more than 3 pieces. Send us the best piece; the one you want us to see and perform.

All music submitted must be on paper, accompanied by a recording. The audio version does not have to be of great quality – a sequenced / Sibelius version is acceptable. The recording will only be used as a ‘reference’ during the selection process.

Music submitted to JAM does not have to be Church music; music set to any text is encouraged.

Submissions should be anonymous, but please submit the music with a covering letter so that we can contact you!

JAM can not return music that is submitted.  Always keep a copy!

Please submit music to: 55 Kempshott Road, London SW16 5LJ.


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The Brooklyn Youth Chorus is seeking score submissions of stylistically diverse pieces written within the past 10 years for our Men’s Ensemble.

Entries should be:
• for Men’s Choir (TBB, TTB, or TB); see detailed notes for composers below
• unaccompanied, or with piano accompaniment
• three to eight minutes in length
• written within the last 10 years
• secular text is preferred, but sacred texts would be considered. Text can be original or in the public domain. Copyrighted text is permissible as long as a letter of permission from the copyright owner is included with the submission
• suitable for young men ages 12-21
• the Men’s Ensemble is often hired for galas, parties, and community events. Special preference will be given to pieces that are rhythmic, fast-paced, and uplifting.

• open to all composers regardless of age or nationality

• include name, address, phone number(s), and email address when submitting scores
• please include your bio/website and a performance history of the piece
• scores may be submitted by:
¬ Sibelius or PDF
¬ mp3 or other audio
• submissions must be submitted via email by October 31, 2016 and should include the SUBJECT heading: Original Composition and your name
• email compositions to: Kristopher Burke, Conductor, Brooklyn Youth Chorus,

• there is no compensation at this time
• we are able to offer at least one performance and a well-rehearsed recording of the live performance
• fee for submission and consideration is $0

Listening Samples – Spring Concert 2016

About Brooklyn Youth Chorus

FOR THE 2016-2017 SEASON

The Men’s Ensemble (ME) is the Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ professional level all-male ensemble. The ME is comprised of young men whose voices have changed and the group sings tenor/bass repertoire ranging from classical to barbershop to pop.

The experience and abilities of the ME vary greatly among its members.

The ME performs roughly 4-6 times during the season.

Voice range: main tessitura (comfortable range) is roughly an octave and a half – A2 to D4;
• Range extension – some basses can reach down to F2, and some tenors can reach up to A4, but extended ranges should be approached carefully – easier by step or small skips rather than large skips – and should not be sustained for long periods of time or over extended phrases (a place to visit, not to live)
• Passaggio/register event – most of our singers switch from pure chest voice into either head voice, mixed voice, or falsetto around D4. It is comfortable for most tenors to sing through D4, but be mindful of extended passages that lay within the passaggio zone (D4, E4, and F4) – again this should not be sustained for long periods of time.
Voice parts: Typical repertoire for the ME is 3-part tenor/bass in the form of: Tenor 1, Tenor 2/Baritone, and Bass. We also sing music in two (tenor and Bass) or unison.

In general, learning pieces comprised of more than 3 parts requires considerable rehearsal time, and is easiest to achieve with limited divisi on isolated chords or for limited sections of a piece, or by incorporating solo/small (no more than two at a time) group lines on top of the main choral texture.

Vocal color/timbre for ME can range from light and clear to full and robust. Generally speaking, the full sound often associated with all-male singing groups is easiest to access in the C3 to C4 range. Pitches along this range can also be sung comfortably in any register quality or ‘mix’ of qualities.

BYC is known for its “cross-choral training™” method, which prepares singers to produce a wide range of vocal qualities and timbres, and supports the belief that authentic performances within a musical style include a vocal quality that is distinct and appropriate. Singers enjoy using the full range of their voices in their programming. That said, it is easier to ‘add weight’ in their sound as a program progresses than to take it out, meaning that songs sung in a lighter quality (classical, musical, sweeter and more gentle sounds) typically precede those sung in a heavier quality (pop music, belting, loud gospel, etc.). Abrupt and extreme changes in vocal quality can be very difficult, although variation between sections or even between voice parts is certainly doable.

Choral Commission Competition

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In 2017, First Parish UU in Brookline is celebrating our 300th anniversary, and to celebrate, we are looking to commission a new work for our choir to be premiered on June 4, 2017. Entries will be accepted through November 1, 2016.

Deadline: November 1, 2016

Prize: $500

There is no entry fee.

Submission Requirements

  • Two recent scores (recordings optional but encouraged), at least one of which must be for chorus. These must be in PDF format.
  • A written proposal outlining the piece.
    • The proposed work must be for SATB chorus with an optional soprano or alto divisi.
    • The proposed work may be a capella or accompanied by drums.
    • The proposed work should be between three and six minutes long.
  • The text chosen for the work. The text should be secular and it is encouraged – but not required – to draw the text from UU writings. If the text is not public domain, include written permission to use it. Original texts are also permitted.
  • The text may be in any language.
  • All applications MUST be anonymous.
  • There are no restrictions according to age or residency.
  • All submissions must be sent electronically to the email below. Paper submissions are not accepted.

The winning composer will be contacted by November 15, 2016. First Parish in Brookline reserves the right to not award a prize. The winning composer must provide a final performance score of the proposed work by February 15, 2017. First Parish will make 40 copies for the chorus.

Send all electronic submissions to: with “Choir Commission Entry” in the subject header.

Call for Scores – Female composers

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Cambridge Chamber Singers 17th Annual Composition Competition

July 21, 2016 in All Opportunities, choral, Composers by mwhiteside

The Cambridge Chamber Singers announces its 17th ANNUAL CHORAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION. We are accepting entries through October 1, 2016, to be performed in May, 2017.

Deadline: E-mailed or dropboxed by October 1, 2016.
Prize: $700 and two performances;

There is no entry fee.

Submission criteria:

  • Original composition for a cappella, 4-6 part mixed choir, occasional divisi is acceptable;
  • Three to six minutes long;
  • Not previously performed in Massachusetts;
  • Anonymous submission:
    • Remove all names and identifying marks;
    • Provide a document, pdf or Word, containing your name, address, email and phone number;
  • Submit a legible score. In addition, recordings or synthesized versions are encouraged but are not required.
  • A maximum of two different scores may be submitted by each composer.
  • If the text is not public domain, include written permission to use it.
  • You must submit electronically, to the e-mail below, with a pdf attachment. Sibelius, Finale and other formats will not be accepted. Attachments larger than 5MB are blocked, so use a dropbox, such as SendStuffNow, for larger audio files. Please make sure these files are accessible until November 1, 2016.

The winning composition is to be performed in May of 2017 at the Cambridge Chamber Singers concerts in the Boston area. CCS encourages the composer’s attendance.

The Cambridge Chamber Singers reserves the right to not award a prize.

The winning composer must provide a final performance score by January 10, 2017. CCS will make 40 copies for the chorus.

There are no restrictions according to age or residency. The text may be in any language. A composer may submit no more than two pieces.

Send all electronic submissions to

For further information, email or call Martha Holmes at 617-965-7573.

The Nick Edwards Composition Competition

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Music Makers is a small chamber choir in London. We are looking for new works again on the theme of ‘In celebration of life’. A shortlist of up to six entrants will be performed by the choir at a concert on December 10. Your entry can be a carol but this is not compulsory. The judges will be the composer Gabriel Jackson and the distinguished choral conductor Stephen Jackson. They will award a first prize of £500 and a runner-up prize of £200. For full details visit

50th Anniversary Composition Competition

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To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the London Concord Singers are hosting a composition competition. The winner will have their piece performed during our anniversary concert in December. The deadline for entries will be 5pm on Monday 1st August. Details regarding the competition can be found below and on the Terms and Conditions .

The work should for a full SATB Choir of 25-30 members should be unaccompanied, lasting around 4/5 minutes in length, setting one of three set texts specified (one by Tobias Hill, one by Rabrindranath Tagore and one from the Bible). Parts should not subdivide. The first performance will take place at the choir’s 50th Anniversary concert at St John’s Priory, Clerkenwell, London on December 8th 2016.

Full details from the London Concord Singers website:

Further information from

2016 Hendrix College Candlelight Carol Competition

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Hendrix College is pleased to invite submissions for the 2016 Candlelight Carol Competition. The winning work will receive its premiere at the 2016 Candlelight Carol Services in December. Additionally, the winning composer will receive a prize of $1,000.00 plus up to $300 in travel reimbursements to attend a performance. Submissions must be written for a collegiate SATB choir of approximately 40 voices, must feature organ accompaniment, and must be compatible with a Christmas lessons and carols service. For complete information and a downloadable PDF with contest guidelines, please visit We look forward to receiving your work.

Ruth Boshkoff Composition Prize

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he 2017 Ruth Boshkoff Composition Prize is sponsored by the Doug and Ruth Boshkoff family in order to encourage the composition of high-quality octavos for elementary, middle school and high school choral groups. Ruth Boshkoff received a Bachelor of Music from Oberlin College and a Master of Music Education from the University of Buffalo. In addition, she has earned both Kodály and Orff certifications. She was a member of the faculty and choir director at the St. Charles School in Bloomington for 20 years and, after retirement, became director of the Indiana University Children’s Choir. Ruth has served on the National Board of the Organization of Kodály Educators and is the Associate Editor of its journal, The Kodály ENVOY. With Mary Goetze and Angela Broeker, she co-authored the book Educating Young Singers: A Choral Resource for Teacher-Conductors. Ruth composes for children’s choirs. With this initiative she hopes to encourage teachers to write for their own choirs, and to help children in their classrooms and choirs to create their own music.

PRIZE: The winning composer will be commissioned to write a new piece for the OAKE National Conference Youth Choir(approximately 175 singers who will be in grades 6 – 8 with treble voices). Ruth Boshkoff will provide suggestions of texts to utilize for the composition, or the winning composer can suggest a possible text to Ruth. Any suggested text should be in public domain. The piece will premiere at the 2017 OAKE National Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the composer being recognized during the National Conference Choirs Concert at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Saturday, March 25th, 2017. A $1,000 cash prize will be awarded to the composer. The composer will also receive a complimentary DVD/CD of the performance after the conference.

APPLICATION: Composers are asked to submit a portfolio that includes two to three representative samples of their work. This portfolio can include both published works and manuscripts. (Please keep in mind that the composition premiere will be sung by a youth treble choir [grades 6-8] so any works that show your skills in writing for a similar choir set-up would be most helpful to the selection panel). Click here for application:

MISSION: Aspiring non-professional composers who are strongly interested in writing for school-age choirs are invited to enter this competition. Compositions will be judged as to their appropriateness for Kodály-trained choirs.

June 20: Composers’ portfolios are due. Please apply using the online form found at
June 20-25: Committee will select two finalists. These portfolios will be submitted to Ruth Boshkoff, who will select the winner.
July 1: Winner will be notified and will consult with Ruth regarding the selection of a text for the National Youth Choir piece (approximately 150 singers who will be in grades 6 through 8 with treble voices).
August 15: Winner sends composition manuscript to Ruth Boshkoff for comments.
September 15: Composition is completed and submitted to OAKE for inclusion in all choral packets for the 2016 National Children’s Choir.
March 2017: Winning compositions will be premiered by the National Youth Choir at the 2017 OAKE National Conference in Philadelphia, PA with the composer being recognized at the National Conference Choirs concert.
Cash prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the composer.
Opportunities to meet and work with the children’s choir members and the conductor can be arranged.

OAKE reserves the right to not award a prize.

KOMOS choral composition competition

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3rd Komos International Choral Composition Competition

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 April 2016 19:30
Written by Martin Gerrits

Komos, in collaboration with AltrEdizioni Casa Editrice, announces the 3rd Komos International Choral Composition Competition, the chief aim of which is to promote the creation and distribution of new choral repertoire related to LGBTQ culture. Participation is open to composers of any nationality, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

The Competition is dedicated to an original, unpublished composition for men’s chorus (TTBB), a cappella. The maximum duration of the work is five (5) minutes. The text must be based on gay-themed or homoerotic poetry or prose in its original language.

Texts should be in the public domain. When this is not the case, permission to set a text and publish it subsequently must be obtained in writing from the author or copyright holder and must be enclosed with the entry form.

The scores should be sent by mail at
or to Komos, Via Venezian, 3, 40121 Bologna, Italy,
by 21 July 2016.

The winning score will be published by the Publishing House AltrEdizioni NOT on paper but in digital format with ISMN assignment following a regular stipulation of publishing agreement with the winner and will be performed by Komos—Bologna Gay Men’s Chorus in one or more concerts. One of these concerts will be part of the Bologna fall music festival Komos & Co., and will be dedicated exclusively to the composer of the winning score.

On the Komos website at link (International Choral Composition Competition | Komos – Coro Gay di Bologna) it is possible to find a selection of public-domain texts (although the composer is not in any way restricted to these texts) and the Competition Guidelines (in Italian and English).


The Isabel Menton Composition Competition

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The Isabel Menton Composition Competition
You are invited to enter the Isabel Menton Composition Competition for unpublished and previously unperformed choral works. Isabel Menton was a Sister of St Joseph and the Composition Award recognises her contribution to the development of the creative arts in ACU’s predecessor college and, through this work, to Catholic education in Australia.

The 2016 competition theme is MERCY

Open division

Open to all (including international applicants)
Prize money of $4,000
Awarded to a choral work of 6 to 10 minutes’ duration
Scored for SATB choir with or without accompaniment
Liturgical division

Open to Australian citizens or residents of any age
Prize money of $2,000
Awarded to a choral work of 2 to 4 minutes in duration
Scored for SATB choir with or without accompaniment
Must be able to function as an anthem in a Catholic liturgical context
Student division

Open to any student enrolled in a program at ACU in 2016, including international students
Prize money of $1,000
Awarded to a choral work of 2 to 4 minutes in duration
Scored for SATB choir with or without accompaniment
Level of difficulty

Works submitted must be idiomatic choral compositions that can be sung by apart-singing university-level choir of approximately 20 voices.


The text set should be in English or Latin and be free of copyright restriction.

Deadline and submission

Scores should be de-identified and marked with a code word. The code word should be included in the application form which will include the composer’s name and contact details. Applicants for the student division should include their ACU student number on the application form.

Applicants should include two bound copies of their works, and all pieces should be typeset (using Finale or Sibelius or equivalent).

The deadline for submission is Friday July 1, 2016.

Scores and application forms should be sent to:

The Isabel Menton Composition Competition
C/O School of Arts Reception
Australian Catholic University
Locked Bag 4115
Fitzroy MDC
Victoria 3065

The winning entries in each division will be announced on 12 August 2016.

For queries about the competition, please contact Professor Timothy McKenry at

Composition competition – companion piece to “From Tallis to Swayne”

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From Tallis to Swayne


New Cambridge Singers

Newe Vialles

Consort of brass


Prize £500, plus at least two performances in Cambridge and London


From Tallis to Swayne is a brand new programme from NCS.  We shall be giving it twice in April next year, once in Cambridge and once in London.   There’s the possibility of taking the concert elsewhere too, and we will announce this as soon as it is confirmed.


This new exciting venture will include a commission by Giles Swayne for choir and viols; the programme will also feature Tallis’ amazing motet in 40 parts.   We shall be performingSpem in alium, with 30 voice parts, 5 viols and 5 Renaissance brass instruments.    Also in the programme will be music by Lassus and Byrd, and the audience will take part in Tallis’ very well-known Canon.


To give the audience, not to mention composers, something more challenging, we are inviting any composer to write a 5 minute companion piece to be part of these concerts.  We are asking composers to offer works written for NCS’s usual four part SATB voices (with soli/divisi as necessary), with 5 piece Renaissance brass ensemble (2 cornetts, 3 sackbuts) and audience chorus.  This unusual combination could be a useful challenge for composers who want experience writing for their communities and supporters. The audience chorus must be simple enough to be performed by amateurs on one rehearsal.   We imagine it will be in one or two parts (male/female, e.g.).


Entries will be judged by Christopher Brown, Giles Swayne and Graham Walker, NCS Musical Director.


Anyone can submit a work; there are no age or nationality limits.


Closing Date:  1st September 2016


For more information and entry form please visit :

For enquiries and to submit scores please contact:

This project has been funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme.

Choral Composition: “Música Coral al Masnou”

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COR SCANDICUS (El Masnou – Barcelona) organizes the composers competition for choral Works “Música Coral al Masnou”, integrated in the activities of Festival de Música del Masnou. Composers are invited to submit a new work for two categories:
– Mixed Voices: Winning work will be performed by Cor Scandicus during the Festival of 2017. Prize: 700 €
– Children`s Choir: Winning work will be performed by Cor Infantil i Juvenil UNESCO – El Masnou during the Festival of 2017. Prize: 350 €

Works should be written in any official Language of Spanish state or Latin.

The winning works will be announced during the opening of II Festival de Música de Masnou (May 29th, 2016).

The deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2016.

To download the information pack for this competition please visit our website at:

Original information is available in Spanish and Catalan. In case of any doubt or additional information required, please contact us at

Call for Scores – Via Nova – Winter 2016

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Via Nova, the Birmingham-based contemporary vocal ensemble, are looking for new works for their winter 2016 concert. To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, music director Daniel Galbreath is currently planning a programme of contemporary settings of Shakespeare and traditional carols, for performances around Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Submitted works must be a setting of one of the attached texts. Composers of any age and nationality are invited to submit scores. Works must be scored for up to 12 a cappella voices (SSSAAATTTBBB), and should be of 3 – 6 minutes in duration.

Please send digital scores (PDFs) to


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For composers under 30 years. A choral work of up to 6 mins for SATB choir suitable for performance in a cathedral setting. Can be unaccompanied or acc. by organ. Must be unperformed. Suitable for Christian worship. Anon entry. Award of £1000 and performance in Gloucester Cathedral on 28th July 2016.
DEADLINE: 15 March 2016

The John Sanders Memorial Competition for Young Composers

Competition downloads

Full rules and entry form for the 2016 composition competition may be downloaded below:

Competition Rules
Entry Form
In order to encourage the composition of music suitable for the liturgy, The Sanders Society will develop a biennial competition for young composers under the age of 30 years. The winning composition, a choral work of up to 8 minutes length for SATB choir suitable for performance within a cathedral setting, will – if of sufficiently high quality – receive a first performance on the 28th July 2016 by the St. Cecilia Singers of Gloucester at Choral Evensong during the Three Choirs Festival in Gloucester.

In addition the winning composer will receive an award of £1000.

The next composition competition for young composers will be judged in April 2016:

Closing date: 25th March 2016
Judging: April 2016
First performance of the composition: St. Cecilia Singers of Gloucester in Gloucester Cathedral: 28th July 2016
Dr. Christopher Robinson
Bob Chilcott
Adrian Partington
Tim Rogers (Encore Publications)
Full rules of the composition competition for young composers and an entry form may be downloaded below:

Competition Rules
Entry Form
Entry forms for UK entries can be obtained by post, enclosing a stamped (93p) C5 envelope, from:

The Sanders Society,
144 Tuffley Avenue,

Overseas applicants please contact

2015 Result
It is with great regret that the judging panel have decided that the entries were not of sufficiently high quality to merit an award this year.

2013 Result
We are delighted to announce that from a very wide international field, William Cole of Clare College Cambridge is the winner of the John Sanders Memorial Competition for Young Composers 2013, with an unaccompanied setting of Let all mortal flesh keep silence.

Judges: Bob Chilcott, Adrian Partington, Dr Christopher Robinson, Timothy Rogers.

Young Composer Initiative

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Young Composer Initiative

In celebration of our 20th season in 2015, TSS launched an annual a cappella choral composition competition to promote the music of young composers.

2016 Choral Competition Submission Guidelines:

Composer must be age 25 or younger at time of submission

Composition must be written for SATB a cappella choir. Works may have a maximum of 8 part divisi (SSAATTBB)

Maximum work length is five minutes

Text may be of any language. Composer must submit a statement confirming that text is from the public domain or that permission has been given from the author

Submit a description of the work that includes a brief performance history (if any) of the work

Submissions accepted through May 2, 2016. Email score, description of the work (300 words or less), statement of text, and short bio (100 words or less), to with subject: 2016 Composition Submission
**In the event that two compositions are considered equally exceptional, preference will be given to a work in which TSS would premiere or give the second performance of the work and/or fits into the 2016 theme SWEET DREAMS.

The composer of the winning submission will receive
a prize of $500
Three concert performances during our July season
A professional recording of the work
The winning composer is welcome to participate in the rehearsal process in person or via electronic communications
The Summer Singers will help promote the winning work and the composer may choose to have a perusal copy of the winning submission posted on our website. The Summer Singers will have a perpetual license to perform and record the winning work for archival and other purposes, including cd distribution and website postings.

Gesualdo 6 Composition Competition 2016

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Composers are invited to submit a new work for The Gesualdo Six’s inaugural Composition Competition.
The winning works will be premiered by the group at St John’s Smith Square on Sunday 19 June 2016
and will be considered for publication by Novello & Co Ltd, part of the Music Sales Group of Companies.
A prize fund of £1000 is available.
2016 marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and the 450th anniversary of Gesualdo’s birth.Works by Shakespeare and words set by Gesualdo make up some of the chosen texts for composers to set, alongside poems by Christina Rossetti and Emily Brontë.
This competition is open to all composers, divided into two age categories:
18 years and under, and 19 years and above.
The deadline for submissions is Friday 15 April 2016 at 5pm.
Click here for more information and the application form

– See more at:

Call for Scores–Windy Valley Ringers

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The Windy Valley Ringers of Ellensburg First United Methodist Church (WA) invite composers of any age to submit scores for their upcoming spring concert. Up to seven scores will be chosen; winning composers will receive recordings of their works and are invited to attend the concert, but not required.

The concert’s theme is “New Life, New Music” and is planned shortly after Easter. Pieces submitted do not need to be Easter related, however those that could be performed in a worship service are more likely to be chosen. Please see guidelines below.

–Works should be scored for 2-3 octave handbell choir (written C3-C6). Smaller ensembles (duets, quartets) are also welcome.

–Works should be original music, not arrangements of hymns or other previously written music.

–Difficulty level should be 3 or lower.

–Most extended techniques are welcome, with the exception of suspended bell stands.

–Works may have been performed before. Preference will go to works written in the last 5 years and unpublished.

–Composers may submit multiple scores; however, we will only perform one piece per composer on our concert.

Some of the winning works may be kept for later performances. We will contact these composers to retain rights if the need arises. In submitting your scores, you agree to allow copying of your score for rehearsal and performance.

Submit scores to by February 15, 2016. If chosen, we will request a short bio and program notes, if any.

Competition: The John Kuzma Young Composers Award for Excellence in Choral Composition

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Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Denver, Colorado USA, is pleased to announce a call for scores to the John Kuzma Young Composers Award, for Excellence in Choral Composition.

Named in honor of Montview’s Minister of Music from 1987-2015, the Kuzma Award strives to encourage and support emerging composers of sacred choral music.

The competition is open to any composer aged thirty or younger (born after April 25, 1985).  The winning composer will receive a $1,000 honorarium as well as a $500 travel stipend to attend the premiere of the work at Montview Church in Denver, CO on April 24, 2016.

The winning piece will receive an in-concert performance by the 90-voice Westminster Choir and 20-voice children’s unison treble voice choir of Montview Church.  The winning composer is also encouraged – but not required – to orchestrate an accompaniment for the professional Montview Orchestra.

Application Deadline: March 14, 2016

Submit materials to See guidelines and instructions below.

Guidelines and Rules
• The work must not have been performed publicly in concert in the United States.
• The work must be between 4 and 7 minutes in length.
• Only one score can be submitted for consideration.
• The work must be suitable for SATB Choir with Children’s Unison Treble Voice Choir.
• The work may be a cappella or with piano/organ accompaniment.  The winning composer will be invited – at their discretion – to orchestrate the accompaniment, if so desired.
• A sacred text setting for the work is preferred.

Submission Instructions
There is no application fee. Applicants must submit the below materials via email to
• Score, in PDF format
• A brief biography of the composer
• Any applicable program notes
• Date of birth
• All materials must be received by 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time on Monday, March 14, 2016.

Four finalists will be chosen, with a winner named by a judging committee, comprised of several Denver-based choral composers and conductors, chaired by Minister of Music Adam Waite.  All applicants will receive notification by April 1, 2016. The winning composer will receive a $1,000 (USD) honorarium, as well as a $500 (USD) travel stipend to attend the concert premiere of their work at Montview Church on Sunday, April 24, 2016.  The winning composer will also receive a professional live concert recording of their piece.

About Montview Church
Through its more than 100 year history, the first church in Denver’s historic Park Hill neighborhood has built a legacy of great music, progressive theology and courageous social witness. A congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Montview’s membership numbers over fifteen hundred, fielding active education, mission and music ministries.

The church’s 90-voice Westminster Choir has long embraced the promotion and performance of new music. This includes works written by Montview Minsters of Music Austin Lovelace, John Kuzma, Wes Selby and Adam Waite. The choir has collaborated on numerous occasions with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra as well as the Denver Brass. Recent major works performed by the Westminster Choir include: Poulenc, Gloria; Hindemith, When Lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloom; Vaughan-Williams, Dona Nobis Pacem; Thompson, Frostiana.

About John Kuzma
John Kuzma began playing and writing music in sixth grade, at first self taught and later studying organ privately and piano at the Cincinnati Conservatory. He attended the Eastman School of Music as an organ performance major and graduated with distinction in 1968. As a Fulbright scholar he studied Baroque music in Copenhagen, Denmark, returning to the US for graduate studies at the University of Illinois. Mr. Kuzma led the Boychoir program at California’s Crystal Cathedral and was Music Director of the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, and the American Boychoir, Princeton, NJ. His own compositions have been performed by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Many Colorado groups have performed his music including the Denver Brass, the Colorado Children’s Chorale, the Ars Nova Singers, and the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus. In 1993, he composed and arranged music for Pope John Paul II’s Denver visit at World Youth Day. His cantata “A Balm in Gilead” was performed at Carnegie Hall in 2002. Mr. Kuzma’s compositions are published by Yelton Rhodes, Los Angeles. He was a 1999 Colorado Council on the Arts Music Composition Fellow, and was Minister of Music at Denver’s Montview Presbyterian Church from 1987 – 2105.

For more information, please write the committee at

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