Peer to Peer residency for early career creator/promoter

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13-15 March 2020



Greenlaw, Scottish Borders



A 2-day professional development opportunity for emerging creator/promoters who are embarking on a career writing and promoting – both their own work and the work of others. Open to Scotland based creators who are at the early stage of their career (post training and study) finding a way to create and to get new music heard by new audiences.

Working in new music can often be isolating, with few opportunities for interaction with other creators or promoters or for continuing professional development. The aim of this course is to give creators the opportunity to work together, share their difficulties and benefit from each other’s strengths in a safe non-judgmental environment.

The residency will include:

  • Facilitated getting to know each other time
  • A question-answer session with Judith Serota
  • One-to-one skills and ideas sharing sessions
  • Group discussion and problem solving

NMS is aware that some creator/promoters may have genuine concerns about sharing their ideas with others, for fear of them being misappropriated. While all participants should know in advance that some degree of sharing is key to gaining as much as possible from the workshops, it is also understood that there is some need for privacy and you will not be asked to discuss anything that you would prefer to keep private.

This weekend will be facilitated by Andy Saunders with support from Judith Serota. (Biogs at end of call out)


The course will be open to a maximum of 8 creators, who will be chosen by application. The course is open to creators who are at the early stage of their career, who have some track record in creating and promoting, but are very much still in those early stages. Participants will be selected based upon their shared needs and stage of career: it is hoped that participants will be at a similar level to maximise their opportunities for sharing experiences and learning. All applicants must be Scotland-based.



All residential costs (accommodation and meals) will be covered by New Music Scotland. Participants are only required to pay an attendance fee of £50 for members/£70 for non-members and cover their own travel expenses to and from the venue. There may be options for car sharing which will be arranged once participants are known.

How to Apply

Please send a current CV and cover letter explaining why you would like to take part and naming specific things that you would like to discuss and have help with over the course of the workshops. Email these to Nicola Henderson, NMS Network Coordinator no later than 5pm on Friday 21st February.


Sally Groves was, until June 2014, Creative Director London with Schott Music.

She has always played an active role in British musical life, serving as a Board member with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Royal Northern College of Music, of which she is an Honorary Member, and the Music Publishers Association, which awarded her their Gold Medal in 2014.

Sally now chairs the Vaughan Williams Charitable Trust, Opera Ventures and the Music Libraries Trust,  serves on the RVW Trust and the Michael Tippett Musical Foundation, and is a trustee of the Nash Ensemble, Listenpony!, Riot Ensemble, ORA and UPROAR.

Sally was given the Lesley Boosey Award, honouring champions of new music, in April 2013.   In July 2015 she was awarded an MBE for services to music. In 2016 Sally was given the ABO and IAMA Awards.

Born in Dundee, Andy Saunders grew up in Staffordshire where he began horn lessons as an excuse to miss science lessons! He studied Music at York University before moving back north to Glasgow to complete his Masters degree at the RSAMD with Hugh Potts. Soon after graduating, he was appointed as principal horn of the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since returning to Glasgow, he plays regularly with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Royal Northern Sinfonia, Scottish Opera and Rednote Ensemble. As a soloist he has performed most of the standard repertoire concertos for the instrument in venues ranging from muddy fields to concert halls and churches.

As well as having founded and run The Cottier Chamber Project, Andy is also the horn player for host ensemble Daniel’s Beard and is the Performance Consultant for the University of Glasgow’s music department.

Wirds an Soonds workshop: Composing for text and cello

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sound and the University of Aberdeen WORD Centre for Creative Writing present:


Wirds an Soonds workshop: Composing for text and cello

Sunday 27th October 10am-4.30pm

University of Aberdeen


An opportunity for composers based in Scotland



For this year’s soundfestival, sound has co-commissioned new works for two cellos and text from composers Laura Bowler and Frédéric Pattar.


Following on from the world premiere of the works at a concert entitled “We Need to Talk” on the 26th October, there will be a workshop led by composer Laura Bowler and French cellist Noémi Boutin on composing for cello and text. Over the course of the day composers will learn about writing for spoken text and music, and will work in small groups with a cellist and a writer from North East Scotland (writing in Doric) to start creating new work.


This workshop day is part of a bigger project which will also include work in schools. It is possible that there may be follow-ups for composers working in schools or completing a new work to be performed at a later date (this is not confirmed yet).



How to Apply

There are only four composer places available, so the composers will be selected upon application. Please thus send the following information by email to

  • some information about yourself (biography/CV including your date of birth);
  • a short paragraph detailing your motivation for taking part;
  • a couple of examples of pieces you have already written (either score or recording).

The deadline for applications is the 10th October.


There is no cost to take part but participants will be responsible for organizing their own travel and accommodation if not based in Aberdeen, and will be expected to attend the “We need to talk” concert on Saturday 26th October at 7pm at the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen.


We will let you know if you have been selected by 15th October 2019.


If you have any questions or need further information please contact or phone 01330 826526.

Snape Residency

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Applications for this round are currently open until Friday 4 October 2019. Please read through our eligibility criteria and scroll down to apply.

Who is the Residency programme for?

The Residency programme is for artists at any stage of their career, who are creatively curious and who have burning ideas, or who need time to re-focus on their practice. It is not meant to simply provide a funded rehearsal period. It is a competitive programme, so we are looking for some really strong ideas.

These ideas should be at gestation stage – we’re less interested in projects that have already had some form of life or development time. We are excited by and want to work with all music genres, including folk, jazz, classical, world, electronics, RnB, and music theatre, and we facilitate inter-disciplinary ideas. We also want to hear from you if you need time for your own development needs.

Our criteria for selecting residencies are:

  • It’s a creative, risky idea that will push you out of your comfort zone. Or, you’ve identified a need for some specific personal development.
  • It has at least some element which is new for you, whether in terms of music, collaborations or processes.
  • It involves musicians and artists whom we would like to experience the place, who will embrace the Snape Maltings ethos of performing, creating, collaborating and sharing, and who are likely to contribute to other aspects of Snape Maltings’s work either during the residency or in the future.

What can you expect from a Residency?

A Residency at Snape Maltings is a hugely valuable experience that provides unrivalled opportunity to focus on your own ideas and development. Residencies last between 3-7 days, depending on your specific needs. We provide an equipped space to work, space to sleep, travel expenses and lunch on site. We can also provide producer support, or work with you to find someone to mentor or facilitate your process, if that is useful for your idea.

Please note that we do not pay fees, but can advise on support available should financial viability be an issue for you and your collaborators.

If you have a low income and feel you genuinely cannot access the Residency programme without additional support, we have a limited budget to provide financial support, including for those who have other access needs, for example care provision. If you do feel you need additional support, please tell us when you submit your application, including a paragraph of background information to help us assess how we can best support you.

We can also help you with funding applications to relevant funders if needed.

Once selected for a Residency, we’ll provide remote and in-person support both before and up to a year after your Residency. After an initial Residency we may be interested in exploring your idea further with you, which could include sign-posting you to other support channels that would make a perfect next step. We’ll also be looking at ways to connect you into other opportunities within the organisation.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be open, curious, and willing to engage with our Creative Campus beyond your own idea, which may include taking some time away from your project to meet with other artists also on site. Practically, you will be expected to allow public access to the work that’s being undertaken. This will be in the form of an informal Open Session at the end of your Residency, and additionally some projects may also be invited to participate in an upcoming Aldeburgh Festival or concert series, including the Festival of New.

The Residency programme is open for applications up to four times a year. We’ll announce when each application round is open on our website and via our Twitter account, so please follow us on Twitter.

You can either submit a written application, or if you feel more comfortable, you can submit a recorded audio or video application. Please also provide us with relevant material that supports your application (this may include audio or visual recordings of previous work that demonstrates your practice effectively) and a completed equality and diversity monitoring form. We’ll advertise our availability within the application form – please indicate your preferred or available dates.

We’d also like to ask you to fill out our Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form, which helps us ensure that all opportunities created by Snape Maltings are accessible regardless of personal background. The information you provide will stay confidential, and be stored securely. It will only be used for monitoring purposes and will not be disclosed to any third party except where we are required to provide anonymous, statistical information e.g. to funding bodies and organisations.

Apply here.

Writing for Percussion Composition Course

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sound and International Percussion Institute present:

Writing for Percussion

Tuesday 6 August – Wednesday 7 August 2019


for young composers based in Scotland

Cost: £40


International Percussion Institute (IPI) is an annual seminar for percussionists taking place in Aberdeen, Scotland. This year, the IPI will also feature an inaugural composition course for young composers based in Scotland aged 17 to 26 on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 August, in partnership with sound. The theme for the course is writing for percussion.


The course, led by leading composer Joe Duddell, will consist of demonstrations, workshops, and a chance to collaborate with IPI participants. Over the 2 days, composers will create a short piece for percussion which will be performed at a sharing session.


The aim of the course is to give composers an opportunity to improve technical skills in contemporary composition for the percussion as well as developing general compositional ideas.



How to Apply

Please send the following information by email to

  • some information about yourself (biography/CV including your date of birth);
  • a short paragraph detailing your motivation for taking part;
  • a couple of examples of pieces you have already written (either score or recording).

The deadline for applications is 15 July 2019.


It costs £40 to participate. Participants are responsible for organizing their own travel and accommodation if not based in Aberdeen.


We will let you know if you have been selected for the composition course by 19th July 2019.


If you have any questions or need further information please contact or phone 01330 826526.

Call out for designs to create the award for the third Scottish Awards for New Music

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New Music Scotland


Recent Graduate Opportunity

Call out for designs to create the award for the third Scottish Awards for New Music.


New Music Scotland is a network of composers, performers, programmers, producers, educators, funders and audience.  NMS facilitates the creation, production and promotion of experimental, innovative and imaginative new music. We believe that new music comes from many different cultural traditions and musical practices; what brings us all together is our passion for and belief in the intrinsic value of new music creation for individuals and society as a whole.

The Scottish Awards for New Music have been created by New Music Scotland with financial support from Creative Scotland, to celebrate and champion the achievements of Scottish and Scotland-based composers, musicians, sound artists and ensembles. They will highlight and showcase the innovative, experimental and ground-breaking work taking place in Scotland. Find out more here –

What are we looking for?

A simple, but stunning award for the winners. Something that captures the essence of what the awards are and is a wonderful piece of art for the winners to keep. The work can be 2D or 3D – whatever you feel is achievable within the budget, facility and timescale limitations. There are 12 awards that each need a design – one design for all could work or an individual design for each. Again, it depends on your thinking in terms of the budget available and design for the work.

The 12 awards are:

  • Dorico Award for Small / Medium Scale Work sponsored by Steinberg (1-10 performers)
  • Large scale work
  • EVM Award for Electroacoustic/sound art
  • Recorded New Work
  • Award for Collaboration
  • Community/Education Project
  • New Music Performer of the Year
  • Contribution to New Music in Scotland
  • Award for Creative Programming
  • Making It Happen Award
  • The Good Spirits Company award for innovation in new folk music
  • Award for innovation in new jazz music


We require you to be able to make the work in your own studio or have access to a studio for fabrication. If there are costs for this, they must be included within the budget.


You will have regular contact with the Awards Planning Group, who will arrange appropriate mentoring and research opportunities whenever possible.


£550 – artist fee

£1000 – materials and expenses for creating and fabricating the award


This is an opportunity for emerging artists. You should have full time study within about the last 3 to 5 years. This is a development opportunity  and we will be interested to hear why you think this opportunity will help you in your practice. The chosen design will be selected based on the how well the design idea fits the brief, the ability to bring it in under budget and the experience of the artist to show they can manage the project on time and to budget.

To apply

Please apply via email to:


  1. letter of application indicating:
    • why you are interested in this opportunity and previous experience
    • Your design ideas and the thinking behind them
    • How the awards would be fabricated
    • Budget
  2. appropriate supporting material to demonstrate the quality of your previous work – eg, 10 images via file sharing site or video/website link
  3. CV
  4. Contact details for 2 referees


Deadline: 14th March 2019

Decision on winning design: 21st March

Awards to be created and delivered: 6th May

Award Ceremony: 13th May


Here is are images of previous years’ awards, created by Elaine Henderson in 2017 and Daisy Chetwin in 2018.

Scottish Awards for New Music designed by Daisy Chetwin in 2018

Scottish Awards for New Music designed by Elaine Henderson in 2017









International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city 2017

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August 28 – September 12, 2017

Tchaikovsky city, Perm, Moscow

Yannis Kyriakides (the Netherlands), Jérôme Combier (France), Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia), Elzbieta Sikora (Poland)

Special Guest:

Davo van Peursen (the Netherlands), director of Publishing House “Donemus”

Performers/MCME soloists:
Ivan Bushuev, flute (+ piccolo, alto-fl)
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet (+ bass-clarinet)
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Vladislav Pessin, violin
Ilya Rubinstein, cello

According to applications professional jury will select 10 students and 5 stagers of any nationality up to 35 years old. Students will have a possibility to work during 12 days on a new composition under the patronage of well-known composers. The compositions will be premiered by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble in the frames of the Academy in the Tchaikovsky city and in Moscow. Stagers receive individual classes of Academy professors and attend all events of the Academy.

Each student will have 6 hours of individual lessons (2 hour-long lessons with each professor), 1 hour-long individual meeting with each musician (participating in the piece performance) and 3 hour-long rehearsals with the musicians of the Moscow Ensemble (under the professors’ patronage). Each stager will have 3 hours of individual lessons (1 hour-long lessons with each professor).

Besides individual lessons, each professor will hold 2 open three-hour-long lectures, and each student and stager will have a hour-long presentation.

I. Selection procedure:
Dead-line: Applications sent before May 15, 2017.
Date of birth – 1982 or later.
Jury selects 15 participants of the Academy: 10 students and 5 stagers.
Selected composers will receive confirmations by e-mail before June 15, 2017.
Before August 10, 2017 the 10 selected composers should send the draft of the score.
In case composer rejects participation another composer is invited instead.

II. Applications are to be sent by e-mail and must include:
1. First name, Surname
2. Home address
3. Country
4. Phone
5. e-mail, web-site
6. Date of Birth
7. Citizenship/Nationality
8. Composers short biography (150 words)
9. Two – three scores of any line-up in pdf
10. Links to the downloadable (!) recording of 1-3 pieces in mp3 (you can use, dropbox or something else)
11. Copy of passport (main page) – valid till the end of February 2018
12. Current photograph of the composer

Send applications to:

III. Selected students are proposed to compose a 6-8 minutes piece (or a complete part of a bigger work) for one of the following instrumental combinations:

1. Flute / flute alto / piccolo
2. Clarinet / bass clarinet
3. Piano
4. Violin
5. Cello
6. Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello
7. Flute, clarinet, piano, cello
8. Flute, piano, violin
9. Piano, violin, cello
10. Clarinet, violin, cello

Students can propose their own combinations as well. Organisers will try to distribute the instrumental line-ups in accordance with the participants’ will

IV. Financial conditions:
Selected composers pay only travel to Moscow. Travel from Moscow to Tchaikovsky and back, food, accommodation and studies are covered by the Academy.

V. Accommodation and study:
All participants will be accommodated in a hotel in double rooms with sink. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Internet access.
All events will take place in the Tchaikovsky Mmusical College and Chidren Art School

VI. Additional possibilities:
Wishing to come at their own expenses are welcome. The “free listeners” can follow all public events of the Academy: lectures, presentations, rehearsals, concerts, but they have no possibility for individual classes. The number of free listeners is limited. Contact the Academy direction for the details and prices.

We recommend you to contact us as soon as possible for the details of arrival, transfer and visa support.

VII. Honorable mentions are previewed by the end of the Academy:
Invitation to the next Academy, performances during 2017-2018 concert season in Russia and abroad, etc. Possibility to be published at the “Donemus”

VIII. Contacts:
Victoria Korshunova, director of MCME:
Dmitri Kourliandski, artistic director of Academy:

Alexander Khubeev, coordinator of Academy:

Send applications to:

IX. The final concerts

The final concerts of new student works will take place in Tchaikovsky Art School in September 10th and in Moscow Philharmonics Chamber Hall in September 12th. Students can stay in Moscow at their own. The Academy Administration can’t cover accommodation in Moscow but can help to find the cheap hotels/hostels.

Shastra Summer Intensive: Composing with Indian Voice

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July 1 – August 6, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of Indian classical music, or deepen your knowledge of the art form? Have you been interested in incorporating Indian musicians into the music you write? This workshop, hosted by Shastra, is an opportunity for Western-trained composers to do exactly that. Hindustani vocalist Saili Oak ( and composer Reena Esmail ( team up to co-teach a six-week intensive workshop where you will:

• Receive intensive training in the fundamentals of Hindustani (North Indian) classical music.

• Receive instruction on the best practices for working with Hindustani musicians and incorporating elements of Indian music organically into the music you write.

• Compose your own arrangement of a Hindustani bhajan for Indian singer and string quartet.

• Have this arrangement workshopped, performed and recorded by Saili Oak and string quartet.

• Possible future performances of your work by Saili Oak. Many of last year’s participants have already had subsequent performances of their pieces from this workshop.

Apply and learn more at


Applications for Rough Mix 2017 now open

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Deadline 17th April

Rough Mix 2017 multi art form creative development residency in Peebles – call for applications to this paid opportunity
Magnetic North’s 2017 multi-art form creative development residency Rough Mix will take place in Peebles from 19th-30th June. It will run at the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre and is open to both early career and experienced artists.

The residency is is a paid opportunity for artists from any art form based in Scotland, the rest of the UK or internationally. All participants receive a fee and travel costs within the UK. There are two prioritised places: one for an artist identifying as Deaf or disabled and one for an artist from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background.

ROUGH MIX is a creative lab for early-stage ideas and practice development: a two-week practical opportunity for artists to try out new ideas or new ways of working. It brings together a small core group of practitioners from different disciplines and gives them time to start developing new projects in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The practitioners work together with a group of performers and two early-career artists over a two week period before giving a work-in-progress showing at the end.

You can download information about how to apply from our website.

NEW MUSIC PROJECT – San Marino International Music Summer Courses 18-28 July 2017

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A new summer course-festival for contemporary music is born in the amazing unesco heritage site of San Marino!

For the 2017 edition (July 18-28th) join Elliott Sharp (composition and electronic composition course, with Gianluca Verlingieri as assistant composer) and other world renowned experts from each group of instruments (Rohan de Saram (cello), Magnus Andersson (guitar), John Kenny (trombone), Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Ars Ludi (percussions), Nicholas Isherwood (singing) to make great new music!

In addition to the usual daily lessons, there will be a focus on improvisation, music theater and composer-performers in daily afternoon classes taught by faculty. Students will not only work with the expert in their chosen discipline, but will have the opportunity to study with ALL of our faculty.

Cash prize in performance and composition will give the winner a chance to perform a solo recital and write a piece for faculty to be presented in the 2018 New Music Project. Instead of sight read performances, student and faculty will present carefully prepared pieces in quality evenings.

The narrow aesthetic preferences defended by some will be replaced by an open minded perspective embracing all forward looking tendencies in new music.

A wide network of hotels / B&Bs / restaurants with special prices will be available to students

Surf our website for regulations and more details! We are waiting for you to join us in San Marino!!

ArtsIceland – Residency in the Westfjords of Iceland

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ArtsIceland – residencies 2017-18
We offer 2-12 week residencies for art professionals in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Description of residency program:
ArtsIceland in collaboration with Outvert Art Space offers artists and other art professionals a space to live and work for two to twelve weeks in the Westfjords of Iceland. Our residencies are self-directed.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We welcome artists of all disciplines that can profit from the space and environment on offer. Studios are equipped with basic furniture.

Accommodation and Studio/ workspace
We offer two residencies with a private room and a private studio for visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and others who may profit from the environment/spaces on offer. Kitchen facilities are shared. We also offer three residencies with a private room and shared studio space, bathroom and kitchen in a separate house.

Fees and support
Artists pay a moderate fee for their stay at the residency. Included in the fee is the accommodation and studio space, internet, heating&electricity, bedding&towels. Also uncluded are weekly meetings with staff and one local excursions. Artists are assisted in organizing an artist talk or other event to present their work to the general public.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are expected to keep their studio and accommodation clean.

Application information
Applications should include the following:

A – Application form completed with all the requested information.
B – CV (pd-format – max. three A4 pages).
C – 5 samples of work (texts, images, sound samples or videos with a brief description (100 words each)).

To apply for the program please fill out the application form which can be found on our website:
Requested documents (CV and samples of work) should be sent to

Selection process: Applications are reviewed by a panel of professionals and applicants will be notified of the results within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

Orlando Garcia Composition Seminar at the Suono Sacro Festival in Assis, Italy July 31 – August 6

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Orlando Jacinto Garcia will be presenting a composition course at the Suono Sacro Festival in Assisi, Italy this summer open to students and young professional composers. The course taking place from July 31 to August 6 will include group meetings where the concept of sacred music/spirituality in the 21st century will be discussed including a review of works by Part, Messiaen, Gubaidulina, among others. In addition, students will meet individually in private composition class sessions with maestro Garcia as they create a new work to be rehearsed and performed and recorded in concert by the Suono Sacro Chamber Ensemble during the festival. More information about the cost, housing etc., can be found on the Suono Sacro Festival web page; Information regarding the course and how to apply is here more information regarding the courses and the festival is located here and here application forms are available here… The last day to apply and pay the fee is May 31 although only the first 10 applicants that are accepted and pay the festival fee will be guaranteed their place in the festival.

For more information contact Orlando Jacinto Garcia at

Bilkent Composition Academy

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18 – 22 June 2017, Ankara

Bılkent Composıtıon Academy

Bilkent Composition Academy is an international summer composition workshop primarily conceived for emerging composers. It aims to create multilayered networks among new music composers, performers, pedagogues, professionals and academics of further music related fields on interdisciplinary basis within Turkey, surrounding geographies, Europe, and worldwide.

The first edition of Bilkent Composition Academy will take place from June 18th to 22nd at the Bilkent University Campus in Ankara. Active participants will have the opportunity to work privately with the renowned composer Mark Andre and collaborate closely with Hezarfen Ensemble. Their works will be realized through daily rehearsals and subsequently performed by the resident Hezarfen Ensemble in the final concert of the Academy.

Additionally, Hezarfen Ensemble will present the “Mark Andre Portrait” as a separate concert event and faculty professors will conduct seminars, workshops, round table discussions and individually tailored classes.

All activities are to be mainly held in English. (Supplementary language will be Turkish.) Activities and results of the Academy will be subject of an audiovisual documentation.


Any composer or interested person is eligible to apply regardless of age and nationality.
There will be three types of participants: Active, Semi-Active and Passive.

In the application form, applicants should mark all the APPLICATION TYPES that they are interested in.

Active participation

– Access to all activities including concerts, masterclasses and workshops, seminars and panels
– Private lesson with the resident professor Mark Andre
– Private lessons with faculty members
– Live performance by Hezarfen Ensemble of his/her own work within the closing concert of the Academy
– Rehearsals with Hezarfen Ensemble
– Professional recording of his/her work
– Six nights stay at the Bilkent University dorms
– 3 meals for the duration of the Academy (5 days)

Semi-active participation

– Access to all activities including concerts, masterclasses and workshops, seminars and panels
– Private lesson with the resident professor Mark Andre
– Private lessons with faculty members
– A reading session by Hezarfen Ensemble of his/her own work within a rehearsal
– Recording of the reading session
– Six nights stay at the Bilkent University dorms
– 3 meals for the duration of the Academy (5 days)

Passive participation
160€ with accommodation and meals
80€ without accommodation and meals

– Access to all activities including concerts, masterclasses and workshops, seminars and panels
– Private lessons with faculty members (except Mark Andre)
With accommodation
– Six nights stay at the Bilkent University dorms
– 3 meals for the duration of the Academy (5 days)

Please note that all the academic events of the Academy are for participants only. They are closed for the public except concerts.


Any composer or interested person is eligible to apply, regardless of age and nationality, for any category of the Academy. A composer, interested in active and semi-active categories, applies with one or more pieces among which maximum one may be selected. See details below for score submissions.

The following application materials should be sent only electronically and via e-mail to the following address:

Application materials
Application Form – PDF Download Link
Curriculum Vitae
Score of the submitted work (pdf):
– maximum duration: 10 minutes
– must be scored for 1 to 8 players drawn from the following instruments: flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, 2 violins, viola, and cello
– for passive participation, score submission is not compulsory
– Recording optional (mp3) – please use internet services such as wetransfer, dropbox, etc. in order to send audio recordings.

Applicants of active or semi-active participation should submit a completed original composition for Hezarfen Ensemble. If an applicant submits several scores, only one may be selected for the Academy rehearsals and the closing concert. A separate application form must be filled for each piece by the same composer.

The instrumentation of the composition workshop is as follows:

Flute (also picc, alto)
Clarinet (also bass)
Percussion (see percussion list below)*
2 Violins

* Xylophone, marimba (E2-C7), vibraphone, glockenspiel (with pedal), chimes, crotales (2 octave set with a separate pedal for each octave), flexatone, pair of cymbals, suspended cymbals, hi-hat, sizzle cymbal, china cymbal, finger cymbals, triangle, cowbells, 1 large tam-tam, 1 small gong, 5 temple blocks, maracas, guiro, slapstick, snare drum, bass drum, tom-toms, floor tom, bongos, conga drum. (for further questions and information about the percussion instruments, please contact Hezarfen Ensemble percussionist, Amy Salsgiver –

Submitted works should be maximum 10 minutes in length and scored for any combination of the instruments listed above, 1 to 8 players, with or without a conductor.

All possible instrumental combinations -including solo works, string quartets and the similar- are equally encouraged and considered for active and semi-active participation.

Previously performed pieces can also be submitted.

Application deadline
All application materials should be received by Friday, 21 April 2017 (23:59 GMT +3)

Selection committee
The shortlist will be determined by faculty composers. Final selection will be made by the resident composer Mark Andre.

Applicants selected for active and semi-active participation will be notified around May 1st, 2017.

Academy tuitions
Upon acceptance to the academy, the selected applicants are required to pay their tuition by May 12th, 2017. The payment form will be sent to the selected applicants after the selection process. Failure to pay the tuition in full by May 12th may result in the loss of your place in the academy. Your place will immediately be offered to the next person in the waiting list. All fees are non-refundable except in cases of emergency.

– Active participation with room and meals: 320€
– Semi-active participation with room and meals: 215€
– Passive participation with room and meals: 160€
– Passive participation without room and meals: 80€

International Academy for Composers & Sound Artists

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International Academy for Composers & Sound Artists
June 12 – 19, 2017
Mykonos, Greece


The Delian Academy for New Music is an international summer academy for composers and sound artists located on the island of Mykonos, Greece.

Curated under the auspices of Georges Aperghis and Grypario Cultural Center, the Academy derives its name from the nearby island of Delos, the birthplace of god Apollo, and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Unlike top-down organization programs, our Academy is a participant-driven meeting where attendees co-decide and create the agenda for a series of symposia, workshops, and concerts with the guidance of faculty and staff.

The 2017 edition will take place from June 12 to June 19 in Grypario Cultural Center of Mykonos. Participating composers will have the chance to take part in masterclasses, presentations, workshops and have their music performed by our ensemble in residence. The main language of the Academy will be English. Additional languages may be used in private masterclasses.


GEORGES APERGHIS, Honorary President

PANAYIOTIS KOKORAS, Acoustic and Electronic Composition, Music Technology


ALEXANDROS SPYROU, Artistic Director



The Delian Academy for New Music is excited to collaborate with Oerknal, a collective of young professional musicians based in The Netherlands. Selected composers can submit a new or existing piece to be performed in Grypario Concert Hall in Mykonos.

The available instrumentation is flute, clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello. Any combination, from solo to quintet with or without electronics is welcome.



1. All applications must be submitted by email at

2. Please submit the following:

– Biography
– 2-3 scores (pdf) and recordings (mp3). The submitted works do not need to match the instrumentation available.
– Application letter including name, surname, email, phone number, website (if available), and category of participation (1 or more) you would like to be considered for.
– Letter of scholarship application (if needed)
3. In case you need to share large files through a file hosting service (e.g. dropbox, wetransfer etc.) please make sure the link remains active until the selection process.

4. There are no age or nationality restrictions

5. There is no application fee

6. All applications will be evaluated by faculty members in cooperation with our ensemble in residence.

The Delian Academy for New Music does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. All individuals are encouraged to apply.

Please visit for more information

ISAM XIII : July 21 – August 4, 2017 Summer workshops, masterclasses, and competitions for piano, organ and composition

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ISAM XIII : July 21 – August 4, 2017
Summer workshops, masterclasses, and competitions for piano, organ and composition

The International Summer Academy of Music (ISAM) is an annual institution located in the beautiful former Benedictine Monastery in Ochsenhausen, Germany. ISAM’s is a two-week summer music academy deepens musical skills and expands musical horizons through high quality workshops, master-classes, lectures, concerts, and competitions, aimed at selected young and gifted musicians from across the globe. ISAM encourages a coming-together of musical minds. The hallmarks of the Academy’s training program are daily individual lessons and numerous performance opportunities, culminating in a competition for the pianists, organists, and composers, judged by an international jury of the faculty and invited guests. Prizes and scholarships are offered. ISAM is limited to 12 pianists, 12 organists and 12 composers. The small number of participants, coupled with a celebrated faculty that shares all meals and events, creates a rare collegial atmosphere through which a constant flow of stimulating exchange occur. Acceptance is based on the applicant’s artistic potential and/or achievements, evaluated individually by the faculty.

All ISAM participating composers are invited to partake in the annual Joseph Dorfman Memorial Composers Competition. This competition is intended to increase the excitement, energy, and creativity among our hand-picked young and talented composers, while at the same time generate a harvest of new, beautiful, and highly artistic works. The competition carries the name and blessed memory of ISAM co-founder, composer, pianist, musicologist, teacher, and visionary leader, professor Joseph Dorfman (1940-2006.). Winning compositions will be repeated at the Gala Concert and prize giving ceremony.This years theme-motive is typical of A. Ginastera’s musical language.

Composers Competition Prizes include:
• 1st winner: 1000 Euros and a full scholarship for next ISAM
• 2nd winner: 500 Euros and a half scholarship for next ISAM
• 3rd winner: 250 Euros

The dates of ISAM 2017 are July 21 – August 4, 2017. Composers wishing to apply to ISAM, should fill out the online application form:

Program Fees of 990 Euros cover tuition, room and board for the two weeks. The Registration Fee is 144 Euro. Full and partial scholarships are available. More information can be found on ISAM’s website:

For additional information or any questions, e-mail Dr. Ofer Ben-Amots at:

Delian Academy for New Music – Call for Composers

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Delian Academy for New Music



1. All applications must be submitted by email at

2. Please submit the following:
a) Biography
b) 2-3 scores (pdf) and recordings (mp3). The submitted works do not need to match the instrumentation available.
c) Application letter including name, surname, email, phone number, website (if available), and category of participation (1 or more) you would like to be considered for.
d) Letter of scholarship application (if needed)
3. In case you need to share large files through a file hosting service (e.g. dropbox, wetransfer etc.) please make sure the link remains active until the selection process.

4. There are no age or nationality restrictions

5. There is no application fee

6. All applications will be evaluated by faculty members in cooperation with our ensemble in residence.

The Delian Academy for New Music does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. All individuals are encouraged to apply.

Please visit our website for more information:

Magnetic North Space / Time creative retreat

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SPACE/TIME is a 5 day creative retreat for experienced artists from all disciplines that asks the question “How does an artist keep developing?”

It aims to refresh participants through a stimulating examination of creativity. During the residency, we will explore how creativity can be nourished and how artists can continue to challenge themselves to develop.

The residency combines facilitated dialogue – built around a series of self-generated questions – with time for individual reflection and work. It is led by Nicholas Bone and Alice McGrath.

Participation in Space/Time is open to experienced artists and selection is through an open call process.

The next Space/Time residency will run from 7th-13th June 2017 in Dumfries and Galloway: you can download information about the application process here. The closing date for applications is 1pm, March 10th. 

If you want to know more about Space/Time, you can watch this short film which captures the reflections of the 5 artists who took part in the 2015 retreat.

SaM Summer School : About the Summer School

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Applications to the 2017 SaM Summer School are now open!

Deadline for applications Thursday 30th March at 12 noon. 

There are 2 ways of applying to the Sound and Music Summer School: 

1. Online

This application form will take you through the requirements and ask you to give information about yourself and attach examples of your music. There is also an equal opportunties form to fill out too.

You will receive a standard e-mail acknowledging your application.

You can find them here: Application Form (the Equal Opportunities is linked to the main application form)

2. By Post

  • Please contact Judith Robinson if you wish to apply by post
    Email: // call: 020 7759 1800

What will I need to make an application?

Here are a few things to help you with your application: 

  • You must be aged 14-18 on 31st August 2017.
  • You must be based in the UK, or a UK citizen living overseas.

The application form asks you for your contact details and some information about you including:

  • Describing your style of music in the form of a tweet (140 characters)!
  • Naming 3 pieces of music you have been listening to recently and why you like them.
  • Writing up to 250 words telling us why you want to take part in the Summer School. Remember to tell us about what experience you have of composing music (whether at school, independently, or with a composition teacher) and any musical activities you’re involved in.
  • Giving an example of your music, which you can upload to the application form. We need a score (a written down version of your music).There are some examples of different score formats below.
  • You can also send us a recording of your piece if you have one, but this is not essential.
  • Writing up to 250 words telling us about your piece, along the lines of a coursework log.  There are some examples of coursework logs below.

We would also like you to complete an Equal Opportunities form.  This information is kept separate from your application and is not used during the selection process.  The information helps us understand who applies to the Summer School and who gets selected.

More information:

Time Out mini-residency: Peer-to-peer support for composers

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Deadline 10th February.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for our next Peer to Peer Time Out mini-residency. This year we are looking for composers who have taken a break from their career and are just getting back into making new music.

Taking place in Fife this is a 2-day professional development opportunity for older composers re-embarking on their artistic career. Open to Scotland based composers who may have trained at a younger age and for different reasons (be they family, financial) have taken a break from making new music.

Composers are often by the nature of their work somewhat isolated, with few opportunities for interaction with other composers or for continuing professional development. The aim of this course is to give composers the opportunity to work together, share their difficulties and benefit from each other’s strengths in a safe non-judgmental environment.

The residency will include:

• Facilitated getting to know each other time
• A question-answer session with an experienced composer
• One-to-one skills sharing sessions
• One-to-one work sharing with peer response
• Group discussion and problem solving

For more information please download the opportunity brief and/or email

Bozzini Lab Vancouver 2017

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Call for young composers
Where: School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver
When: May 8 to 16, 2017
Who: Acclaimed Montreal string quartet, Quatuor Bozzini, will give an intensive workshop on composing for strings. Hosted by the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU, the workshop is intended for students who are in undergraduate or graduate composition programs, or who have recently graduated. Besides the quartet, composers Owen Underhill (SFU) and Christopher Butterfield (UVic) will act as mentors.
The goals of the workshop are to improve technical skills for contemporary writing for strings and string quartet, and to provide a supportive environment for visionary and experimental compositional ideas.
Those accepted to the workshop will be given composition exercises and 1 “free-choice” piece as a starting point for the week’s work, which they will be expected to prepare in advance. Finished works for string quartet are not required by the start of the course.
A public presentation will be held at the end of the session to present work done during the workshop.
Ten composers will be accepted; cost is CAN $800. Participants will be expected to arrange their own travel and accommodation. The program will take place in Simon Fraser University’s new cultural facility, the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, in downtown Vancouver.
Applicants should submit 1) scores and 2) live recordings (if available) of two recent compositions (if possible one chamber music,) 3) a short outline for a creatively ambitious new work for string quartet and 4) a resumé, to: (see details below). Deadline for applications to be received is February 10, 2017. Participants will be announced by early March.

Application procedure — deadline February 10, 2017
Applicants please follow the directions below.
Note that we are accepting electronic applications only.
1. Complete the following application form (in Word or
1. Personal information
2. Why would you like to become involved? (200 words MAX)
3. How do you feel you would benefit from Bozzini Lab? (200 words MAX)
4. What areas of your practice are you keen to explore or develop? (400 words MAX)
2. Save your completed version of this form as a PDF file with a new name as follows: yourlastname_BLV2017form.PDF
3. Two sound examples, .mp3 or .m4a (no .aiff or .wav accepted) files clearly labeled; if possible, one chamber music piece
4. Two scores in .PDF format, files clearly labeled
5. Your CV in .PDF format
6. ONLY if the online upload service does not work, send remaining documents to via, or other online file transfer service.
7. As a confirmation, send a separate email to to let us know that you have sent your application.
For more information, contact us at

SoundScape Summer School

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Creating the Music of Tomorrow

• Composers: Apply by January 1, 2017
• Performers: Apply by March 1, 2017
• soundSCAPE encourages applications from performers on ANY instrument, including vocalists and conductors.

Eastman Broadband, 2017 Ensemble in Residence
• BroadBand is a flexible ensemble based in Rochester, New York, featuring current students and recent alumni of the Eastman School of Music.
• Composer applicants selected to write for BroadBand will be notified by January 15, 2017.
• Two applicants in percussion will be selected to perform with BroadBand at soundSCAPE.

Festival Sinfonietta
• Comprised of performance applicants and members of Eastman BroadBand with Festival Faculty.
• accepting auditions on flute, oboe/english horn, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, piano, saxophone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, bass.
• Composer applicants selected to write for the Sinfonietta will be notified by January 15, 2017.

Small Chamber Groups
• Ranging from two to six players, each group will include a member of Eastman BroadBand or Festival Faculty along with participant performers.
• accepting auditions on all instruments (as listed under Sinfonietta above), including guitar, voice (all types), and any other instrument.
• Composers selected to write for chamber groups will be notified by January 15, 2017.

soundSCAPE facilitates the flowering of new music and the exchange of ideas and culture between musicians of tomorrow’s generation. Each summer in idyllic Maccagno, Italy, soundSCAPE attracts composers and performers from around the world for two weeks of concerts, lectures, master classes and workshops. The essence of the festival is process and collaboration – soundSCAPE has been the starting point for new music initiatives that have flourished long beyond the festival, all around the globe. We approach all music with open ears and a passion for making your voice heard… please join us for a celebration of new music in 2017!

Established in 2005, soundSCAPE is directed by Nathanael May.


Creative Exchange

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Enterprise Music Scotland is offering chamber musicians the opportunity to take part in ‘Creative Exchange’, our peer exchange residency in Crear, rural Argyll. The 4-day residency will involve approx. 3 ensembles, and provides time to rehearse, relax, plan, create and research your ideas with access to central support from EMS.

The aims of Creative Exchange are:

•        to provide creative space and place to explore new projects and ideas

•        to encourage conversation and collaboration

•        to support ensembles in their development

As well as excellent rehearsal spaces, participating ensembles will be provided with accommodation (comfy beds and beautiful views) and meals (tasty food and creative conversations).

The dates of the residency are 6th – 9th March 2017.

At this stage, we ask you to formally express your interest by completing the brief application form (downloadable from link at top right of this page) which will help us to ascertain which ensembles will benefit most from participation.

We also ask that you attach a summary of your work to date as an ensemble, this may take the form of a short biog or CV.

The DEADLINE for applications is 5pm, Friday 13th January.

Please send your application to

We will let you know the outcome of your application within a week of the deadline.

Accommodation, meals and travel costs (see page 4 of application) will be covered by Enterprise Music Scotland.

“The residency was a brilliant experience. I feel so relaxed and inspired as a result of it.”

“The Creative Exchange provided us with some valuable time away – time to create and reflect, away from the usual distractions of every day life. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to do some intensive work in a beautiful and peaceful location. And best of all, the chance to swap and discuss ideas with other musicians.”

Open Call for Residencies in 2017

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Wysing Polyphonic
During 2017 Wysing will be exploring ‘many voices’ across all our programmes under the over-arching title Wysing Polyphonic.

Through residencies, exhibitions, events, study weeks and study days, we will work with a range of artists to explore a diversity of contexts and positions to help better understand the role of art, artists, and arts organisations such as Wysing, at this moment of global political change.

Throughout 2017 we will provide both a platform for many voices, in particular those that have the potential to be over-looked in the current political rhetoric, alongside a range of ways that those voices can be heard. Building on a number of events during 2016 that explored alternative sites for community and activism, we will be seeking to work with artists whose work, or whose networks, empower and support diverse communities of interest. We will also be further exploring the role of radio, broadcasting, sound and listening.

Other Developments in 2017
The exhibition All Channels Open will launch the Wysing Polyphonic programme and will bring together artists who were in-residence during 2016 through a synchronised arrangement of projectors, monitors, objects and surround sound in Wysing’s gallery.

In early 2017 we be will launching our first vinyl record on our new label, also entitled Wysing Polyphonic, by the band Ectopia who are artists Jack Brennan, Adam Christensen and Vicki Stieri.

Further expanding on the theme of many voices, Wysing’s annual music festival, which returns to early September 2017, will be programmed for the first time by a range of invited international collectives and contributors.

And we are excited to have been awarded funding by the Foyle Foundation to build a recording studio at Wysing in the summer of 2017. The studio will allow us to commission new works for recording and broadcasting as well as being a resource for artists and musicians.

Through this Open Call we are inviting artists, musicians and writers to apply to be in-residence within the Wysing Polyphonic context. We are particularly looking for artists who can bring a range of cultural, social, racial and gender perspectives to the programme, and who will enjoy participating in events as part of our public programme.

The amount of funding we have for residencies is £4,000 for each artist, to cover: an artist’s fee, materials and travel, plus free on-site accommodation during the period and a free studio.

There will be three residency periods:

20 March – 14 May 2017
3 July – 20 August 2017
16 October – 10 December 2017

Please read the following guidelines before making an application.

Profile of Artists
We are particularly looking for artists, musicians and writers who can bring a range of cultural, social, racial and gender perspectives to the programme, and who will enjoy participating in events as part of our public programme

To Apply
Applications are made online via Submittable. Once you have set up an account you are able to return to your application any time up until the deadline which is midnight on Monday 16 January 2017. It is recommended that you apply with enough time to approach us with any questions or queries in using the Submittable website. We are not able to accept applications after the deadline.

You will need to provide:
A statement on your work, why you are interested in Wysing Polyphonic 2017 and what you can bring to the programme (max 1,000 words).
Six images of your work, or other relevant material.
A current CV.

We are happy to accept applications that have been recorded onto video and uploaded onto Submittable, instead of written applications.

We are able to provide a range of workspace and accommodation and if you have any access or other needs that you wish to discuss with us before applying, please contact us on 01954 718881.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 16 January 2017.

To apply you will need to set up a profile on Submittable, click here.

Call for Artists – New Residency Opportunity

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Sura Medura is located in Hikkaduwa, South West Sri Lanka. Established in 2011, the Sura Medura Residency Programme supports artists of all disciplines in the creation of work that is enhanced by being made in Sri Lanka.

The residency offers artists the chance to produce and present a new piece of work which response to the environment of Sura Medura and Sri Lanka. Over the years the residency has seen an evolving exploration of publicly engaged practice. As a consequence we encourage application from artists working in this field, though artists will not be selected exclusively on this basis. Artists are encouraged to present their artistic practice at the beginning of their stay through our partnership with Colombo University of Visual and Performing Arts and to engage with the artists community in Sri Lanka.
At the end of their stay there will be the opportunity for artists to present the outcome of their residency, for example through exhibition, screening or performance. UZ Arts will also see to present the outcomes of the residencies in Scotland in 2017.

The residency programme will cover travel, food and accommodation costs for artists and includes a fee of £2,000 to cover all materials and production costs for work produced.

The residency environment is challenging but very rewarding. We recommend applicants to research Sri Lankan information sites and the blogs of previous artists
To apply, please send:
– CV
– A max of 5 images, or a 5 min video or a 5 min audio of your work
– A short project proposal (max. 250 words) for the residency.

Applications should be sent to
Closing date is 19th December at 12noon.

Once selected, artists are offered mentorship in advance of their visit to support the development of their project proposal.
The residency opportunity is supported by Creative Scotland.

Location: International

For further information, please contact (Eileen Wilson ), or call 0141 559 4913, or visit

The deadline is Monday 19 December 2016 at 12:00.

Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA July 17 – Aug 6, 2017

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The Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) is a three-week residency and musical utopia for innovative composers and performers dedicated entirely to adventurous contemporary music. We will write it. We will perform it. We will think about it and we will talk about it. Composers will have their works performed. Players will perform in ensembles sitting alongside their teachers. There are daily recitals in the museum galleries, and the residency concludes with a six-hour blow-out Marathon Concert featuring performances by the student/faculty ensembles. The program also includes world music workshops, an orchestra of original instruments, technology and music business seminars and more.

Past  participants have said: Bang on a Can has changed my life. I never thought it would be possible to find a community that is devoted to new music with such a high caliber of musicianship, such enthusiasm and mutual supportiveness, and such a sense of joy for everything we do. I know I’ll be looking to recreate this feeling in my future collaborations, always.

Bang on a Can is really everything I want the music world to be — inclusive, engaging, innovative, fun, thought-provoking, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. The festival brings all of that and more directly into focus, and it has made all the difference in the word to have been a part of it.

The faculty will be drawn from among the most innovative musicians of our time from ensembles including Bang on a Can All-Stars, eighth blackbird, California EARUnit and more:  Gregg August, bass; Ashley Bathgate, cello; Vicky Chow, piano; David Cossin, percussion; Michael Gordon, composition; David Lang, composition; Brad Lubman, conducting; Nicholas Photinos, cello; Vicki Ray, piano; Todd Reynolds, violin; Mark Stewart, guitar; Ken Thomson, saxophone/clarinet; Julia Wolfe, composition; and more special guests!

The Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA is located in the beautiful Berkshire mountains in western Massachusetts. MASS MoCA presents exhibitions and performances by renowned artists and cultural institutions, but it also is a place where the process of creativity is explored.  Bang on a Can is thrilled to work with them in building a bridge between the arts.

Open call for residency in Andalucía, Spain, Post Religion

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A multidisciplinary residency for individuals or collectives

We’re offering creative practitioners a space to develop their ideas or projects unhindered. This is the only residency within the municipality of Álora, a pueblo blanco in Andalucía Spain.

Duration: 7 days in Álora, Andalucía Spain

Eligiblitlity: Practitioners any age, from any nation, in the beginning to mid level stages of their career

This residency includes:

-Furnished, clean accommodation, kitchen, bathroom, and roof terrace

-Private work space

-Time and space to contemplate and create

-The human right of high speed wifi

-Tea, coffee, water, wine and/or beer

-Towels, bedding and a final cleaning

-Assistance with the visa process and travel planning (if needed)

-Collection and return to nearby train station and airport

-Assistance on site with your project (if needed)

-One-to-one interdisciplinary mentoring

-Follow up feature story in London based print magazine

-A small stipend to help offset associated costs

-Becoming part of an international community, receiving ongoing support and access to resources

Fee: The application is based on a “pay what you want” model, but please contribute a minimum of £1 (towards processing fees).  We receive no external funding, and have a suggested donation of £10, which goes towards our administrative costs and running the residency.  The amount you donate does not correlate with your chance of being accepted.

Applications for the Spring Residency (February 1st-April 1st 2017), should be submitted by January 10th 2017. 

* There is no theme or fee to participate, but meals and flights are not included (a small stipend is included to help offset some of these costs).

For details on how to apply, please visit:

Call for Submissions »WimmelResearch-Fellowship«

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02. November 2016 – 01. December 2016


The »WimmelResearch-Fellowship« will be awarded as part of a joint project between Robert Bosch GmbH, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Wimmelforschung.

The collaboration is based on the development of Platform 12, an experimental space designed by the artistic duo Wimmelforschung in collaboration with Bosch as part of Bosch’s new center for research and advance engineering. The platform serves as a creative hub and room for reflection as well as communication for all researchers. It offers an environment that allows its employees to work independently from the organizational structure of the company. As an essential feature, Platform 12 contains a permanent collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude, in the framework of which artists of various disciplines intervene into the company’s structure and organization as indirect observers and instigators from outside.


The purpose of the fellowship is to support encounters as well as interdisciplinary exchange in the context of science, economy and art. The collaboration’s aim is not the production of a specific artistic work, but the encounter and the process of intercommunication itself.

The central aim of Platform 12 is the creation of a variable and open setting in which artists and employees are working simultaneously on their projects, encounter one another and exchange ideas. The concept intends for the artist to be present at Platform 12 for the entire duration of the fellowship. She or he should contribute to the platform with her or his own extrinsic artistic reflections and aesthetic settings vis-à-vis the company. These can be constructed visually, conceptually, or in interactive or performative form. The artistic works can alter the space and/or deal with the working practices of the employees.


  • The funding period amounts to maximal 3 months
  • A stipend amounting to Euro 1,150 monthly (plus one-time expenses incurred by the fellowship holder travelling to and from Stuttgart from his or her primary place of residence)
  • If applicable, a project-related budget for the realization of a project
  • A combined apartment studio, furnished with electricity, water and heat free of charge
  • For the duration of the fellowship the respective artist in her or his role as agent will be mentored by Wimmelforschung and Akademie Schloss Solitude.


The »WimmelResearch-Fellowship« addresses artists coming from the disciplines of architecture, visual arts, performing arts, sound, design, literature and time-based media, who have a serious interest in interdisciplinary exchange. A willingness to open communication and sensibility towards the specific working environment are essential. An active examination and artistic reflection of the respectively encountered working conditions in the context of Platform 12 are required. The decision on content and form of expression of the work are however principally open and left to the artist.

  • Individuals can apply for a fellowship. Persons up to 35 or if older who have completed a university or college degree within the past five years are welcome to apply. Several fellowships are also awarded regardless of the applicant’s age. Currently enrolled university or college students (at the time of application) will not be considered for selection
  • The fellowship is a residence fellowship; continuous daily presence (Mo-Fr) on Platform 12 is mandatory
  • Prior to the fellowship there is minimum one-day attendance mandatory for orientation as well as a first meeting with Wimmelforschung and Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart and an interview before and after the fellowship
  • Good language skills in English are essential, language skills in German are favored


The application is made online. Submitted material should include:

  • A concept text (max. 1 Din A4 page)
  • A motivation letter (max. 1 Din A4 page)
  • A short biography and informative portfolio or documentation on previous artistic work

All documents should be sent exclusively in PDF format via e-mail to:

The next fellowship will be awarded from January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017.

The deadline for all applications is December 1, 2016, 12 p.m. CET/MEZ.

The jury, consisting of Maren Geers and Thomas Drescher (Wimmelforschung) and Sophie-Charlotte Thieroff (coordinator art, science & business) chooses from all applications one convenient artist.

The selection will be carried out as a multi-level procedure. The final decision on who will be awarded the fellowship will be made after a personal introduction of the project and meeting with Wimmelforschung, Akademie Schloss Solitude and Robert Bosch GmbH.

For further inquiries:

Please find a detailed interview about the project on Schloss–Post here.


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Open to Scottish-based artists in all artforms who are aged over 50, and led by Nicholas Bone and Alice McGrath from Magnetic North.

Dates: Arrive on evening of Wednesday 22nd February and leave on the morning of Tuesday 28th February

Location: Cove Park, near Helensburgh
Deadline for applications: midday on Wednesday 4th January Successful candidates will be notified by: Monday 16th January APPLICATION GUIDELINES

The lab

This lab is a partnership between Cove Park, Magnetic North, Luminate – Scotland’s creative ageing festival, and a-n The Artists Information Company. It offers an opportunity for six older artists working in any art form to take part in a facilitated process, exploring how creativity can be nourished and how artists can challenge themselves to develop. There will also be time for individual reflection and work.

The aims of the lab are to:
o Create a supportive atmosphere for discussion
o Stimulate dialogue about creative processes
o Give space and time for artists to reflect on their own creative practice o Make time for individual reflection

The lab is open to artists who have recently embarked on a new artistic career including those who have trained at a young age and have returned to their practice later in life, those who have worked in the arts in different capacities and are now changing direction, and those who have come new to their artform in their later years. We are keen to receive applications from artists who are about to embark on their new career, as well as those who have already begun to work professionally.

More information—call-for-applications.pdf

Rarescale Summer School

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rarescale Summer School for composers and flute players
Monday 31st July – Saturday 5th August 2017
Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham, Lincolnshire

For further information and to book, please contact us

rarescale’s Summer School returns in 2017 in the beautiful venue of Harlaxton Manor, just outside Grantham in Lincolnshire.

Featuring courses for flute players (including the opportunity to specialise on alto or bass flute) and composers, this promises to be an inspiring week with new repertoire, collaborations and the opportunity to work towards individual goals in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Flute Course
Tutors: Carla Rees

This course is aimed at undergraduate level performers and above, and is suitable for students, young professionals and advanced amateur players. Minimum recommended standard ABRSM Grade 8.

  • Learn the techniques of alto and bass flute playing, as well as piccolo and C flute
  • Discussions on specific technical issues, including extended techniques
  • Develop your performance skills
  • Explore solo and ensemble repertoire for all members of the flute family
  • Individual lessons, masterclasses and flute ensembles
  • Opportunities for collaborations with composers and other flute players
  • Introduction to playing music with electronics
  • Opportunity to perform in an end of course concert


NEW FOR 2017: Flute Retreat
An opportunity for a maximum of two advanced students or early career flute players to prepare for a recorded recital during the course in a personally devised programme of study. Opportunities for composer collaborations and individual tuition. Download the Application Form

Composition Taught Course: Electroacoustic and/or acoustic composition
Tutor: Michael Oliva

Suitable for all standards, including those with no prior experience of EAM composition

Both courses are taught together, allowing composers the flexibility to choose their preferred pathway. To an extent, the course content will be tailor made to suit the needs of the participants, but areas which may be covered include:

  • Group classes and individual tuition
  • Compose a piece during the week and perform it in the final concert
  • Potential to collaborate with flute players and other composers

Electroacoustic course:

  • Learn the basics of Electroacoustic composition, or refine your skills
  • Learn field recording techniques, software skills and develop your understanding of EAM compositional techniques
  • Learn techniques of synthesis, sampling and real-time computer transformations in the context of creating new work
  • Explore current approaches to working with computer sound and the performance of electroacoustic music
  • Collecting and working with environmental sound
  • Developing and writing your own interactive performance software with Max/MSP
  • Composers should bring a laptop running a standard sequencer programme (e.g. Cubase, Logic or Performer), headphones and any other items required for their compositional activity.

Acoustic course:

  • Develop your skills in composition, including aspects of structure, instrumentation, harmonic language etc
  • Opportunity to develop specific knowledge of writing for solo flute and/or flute ensemble (including extended techniques) in collaboration with performers
  • Opportunity to explore the basics of electroacoustic composition (optional)
  • Composers should bring a laptop running Sibelius (preferred) or other music notation software, headphones and any other items required for their compositional activity.

Composition retreat
The Composition Retreat offers experienced composers the opportunity to work in the wonderful surroundings of Harlaxton Manor, with support from rarescale course tutors, while maintaining the freedom to work on independent compositional projects.

  • Open to composers of all disciplines
  • Come and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Harlaxton while working on independent compositional projects
  • Consultations available with rarescale members Carla Rees and Michael Oliva
  • Potential for collaborations with rarescale and participants of the flute course

The composition retreat also offers full flexibility to attend aspects of the taught courses for flutes and composers (space permitting)


Read about the 2015 course here

The course will feature a public concert by rarescale, in addition to a concert by course participants on the final evening.

Dates, Accommodation and Fees
Dates: Monday 31st July to Saturday 5th August (Arrive by 11am on Monday and depart on Saturday after breakfast)

Accommodation is in study bedrooms in the student-style accommodation at Harlaxton Manor. Rooms are allocated on a best available basis and course participants may be asked to share. A surcharge of £75 is payable for anyone wishing to guarantee a single room. All bathroom facilities are shared, and accommodation fees also include all meals. Additional accommodation may be available for the Sunday before the course starts at an additional cost – please ask. If you prefer to stay in one of the local hotels, a non-residential rate is also available.

Full Board Fees: £575 (£475 for students)
Single room guarantee £75 supplement
Non residents £375 (including lunch and dinner)
Non-refundable deposit due at time of booking: £275
The remainder of the fees are due by 30th June 2017. All fees are non-refundable after this date, except if the course is cancelled by rarescale.

Bursaries are available to help with course fees: download the application form


For further information, please use the contact form.
Please note that places on all courses are limited, so early booking is advised.

Tinderbox Orchestra Spring Course & Album Launch 2017

November 8, 2016 in All Opportunities, Performers, residencey and summerschool by mwhiteside

Course: 5th Feb to 8th Apr 2017
Auditions: 26th Nov 2016 & 21st Jan 2017
Performance at Queens Hall!

Tinderbox Orchestra are running an exciting 10 week course in the Spring Term 2017, building up to a huge concert at the Queens Hall for the orchestra’s debut album launch on 8th April.

The course is open to young musicians aged 13-25 and around grade 5+ (as a guide) on your instrument. We would love you to get involved and join us on an orchestral journey like no other!

“Rave Culture Meets Last Night of the Proms” The Herald
“An Orchestral Revolution” Edinburgh Evening News
“A Spectacular modern band” The Guardian
**** The Guardian, **** The Scotsman, **** The List,

Who we Are

Tinderbox Orchestra is a fusion of instruments & styles! An orchestra with the approach of a band, we write and perform original compositions and collaborate with exciting and contemporary bands & artists. We love to experiment with ideas, collaborate, and try to do something new and inspiring with an orchestra.

Tinderbox is made up of and led by young people aged 13-25. We rehearse weekly and run various courses working on new ideas & building up to exciting public performances. The members of the orchestra can get involved in all aspects of the band, from composing to conducting, organising concerts and everything else – it’s great fun and everyone is welcome!

The Album

Over the past two years we have been recording our debut album and it is soon to be complete! The project has been an exciting journey across all variety of musical genres and styles, and has brought together over 150 young musicians with local bands, composers and international collaborators. The result is an eclectic, contemporary and high-energy orchestral fusion of music and ideas from Edinburgh and beyond.

We would love you to be a part of it too, helping us to develop and perform the music at the Queens Hall for the album launch. We’re hoping to follow this up with a Scottish tour as well and it’s exciting to see where it all goes. So come and join the fun!

Course Description:

In this 10 week course, we will be working on original music composed and recorded for Tinderbox’s Album, and some exciting collaborations with contemporary local composers and bands, as well as Chinese band Dawanggang (“One of the most oddly compelling albums of the year” The Guardian) and musicians from Croatia and Bosnia from Nigel Osborne’s Balkans Music Camps.

We will also be exploring new ways to improvise with a full orchestra, and attempting a fully improvised piece as part of the performance!

Course Dates and times:

Rehearsals: Sundays from 5th Feb – 2nd Apr 2017, 12 – 4pm.

Note: Two extra rehearsals are scheduled on Sat 1st Apr (daytime) and Thu 6th Apr (evening).

Queens Hall Performance: Sat 8th April 2017

Course fees:

£125 full / £75 concession.


There are 2 audition dates on:

  • Sat 26th Nov 2016
  • Sat 21st Jan 2017

To audition you must be aged 13-25 and around grade 5+ on your instrument (all instruments welcome). It is not necessary to have taken any grades but this is a guide for the general standard of the orchestra.

We run other programmes and courses for younger or less experienced musicians too, and these will feature in the concert as well. You would be very welcome to get involved with these too if you would like to. Visit for more information.


Please contact us at for more info and to book an audition.

More info at

co-incidence, an experimental music residency

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*The application is free and DUE DECEMBER 10th*

**This Residency will take place from JANUARY 24th – 30th, 2017**

“co-incidence, an experimental music residency” is a gathering of experimental composer-performers for six days hosted by Non-Event at Washington St. Gallery in Somerville, MA, US (Boston).

Attending will be:

Resident Artist – Michael Pisaro

Six Guest Artists, determined via application

Co-Directors – Luke Martin & Aaron Foster Bresley

Open to the Public

This project is based on an expanded view of what constitutes art, music, and the traditional concert. Following the example of the revolutionary arts community Black Mountain College, it will bring together a group of radical artists operating in the boundary-zones of their practice to take part in a residency curated as ‘social sculpture.’ Reflecting the values of experimental music, co-incidence will be allowed to grow organically, strongly influenced by the artists who attend: the directors simply provide a time, space, and loose framework. There will be encouraged but not required peer-to-peer meetings between artists in lieu of official lessons, the people attending will not be labeled as student or faculty.

The residency is tuition free. Housing and food are not provided (besides a welcome dinner, and all meals on Sunday the 29th). To offset this cost, we are giving a $400 stipend to each guest artist. We estimate housing and food costs to be between $500 and $600. Upon acceptance, we will assist as possible in finding accommodations and providing recommendation letters for grants.

Please see a description of our collaborators, the application, and further details on our website:

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Artist Residency – RHSC and DCN

November 6, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, Opportunity, Other Opportunity, Performers, residencey and summerschool by mwhiteside

Deadline: 09 November 2016 at 17:00


We are seeking expressions of interest from a contemporary artist or artists for a 12 month artist residency as part of the Art and Therapeutic Design (ATD) programme for the new Royal Hospital for Sick Children (RHSC) and Department of Clinical Neuroscience (DCN) hospital in Little France, Edinburgh.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a contemporary artist (or artists) to research, develop and deliver a residency project which could include an exhibition, workshop, digital production, performance, event or publication. The focus for the activities or interventions should be on building meaningful collaborative practice with community projects in the geographical vicinity of the Little France Campus with particular attention to those representing minority or hard to reach groups.

We are looking for an artist (or artists) with a track record of innovative socially engaged practice who can demonstrate confidence, motivation, vision and creative aptitude for developing arts within healthcare settings and with minority or disadvantaged communities. There will be scope for the selected artist to pursue personal interests in the choice of specific communities or themes they explore.


A total sum of £38,000 ex VAT has been allocated inclusive of all fees and expenses for this residency. This is broken down as artist residency fees of £28,000 (140 days @ £200) plus a materials budget of £10,000 to cover production or event delivery costs.

As part of the ATD 19.1 residency programme there will also be access, via discussion and approval, to a shared budget for mentoring, discussions and dissemination/publication.

Submission Deadline

Submissions should be sent in electronic form to Lucy Harwood by 5pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016. Please see project briefs for full submission requirements.

Full Brief

More information and a full brief can be found at

Location: Edinburgh City

For further information, please contact (Hans Clausen, Lead Artist), or visit

nief-norf Summer Festival Composition Workshop

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The nnSF Composition Workshop offers an intensive experience in chamber music composition, with an emphasis on percussion and currently invites registrations from composers age 18 and over (including undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and professionals). Offered concurrently with the Performance Workshop and Research Summit, the Composition Workshop provides fellows extensive interaction with the faculty, guest composers, and artists, as well as opportunities for hands-on exploration of the large variety of percussion instruments available during the festival.

Composition fellows will compose one work for 2-6 musicians under the mentorship of composition faculty Christopher Adler and 2017 guest composition faculty Marc Mellits & Nina Young, and will work with the performance fellows and faculty on the preparation of their work for performance during the festival. Composers will write for chamber ensemble, percussion ensemble or percussion in combination with other instruments, based on availability. Close interaction with performers will be invaluable for those seeking to gain experience in writing for percussion, while more experienced composers will benefit from the relationships built with dedicated performers of contemporary music. The workshop will admit up to ten composition fellows who will be present for the entire festival.

Composition Fellows will benefit from the following activities:

  • Free admission to all festival activities, including rehearsals, coachings, presentations by guest artists and guest composers, and concerts.
  • Private composition lessons with composition faculty.
  • Seminars on composition for percussion and other instruments, and other special topics on contemporary music, by the festival faculty
  • Opportunity to present to the composition workshop.
  • Opportunities for small-group interaction with guest composers and winners of the international Call for Scores competition.
  • Access to piano practice rooms.
  • Access to percussion instruments for exploration, and frequent opportunities to informally engage with Performance Fellows.
  • Working with Performance Fellows and faculty in the preparation of one original composition (for 2-6 players with instrumentation coordinated with festival faculty based on enrollment, and approximately five minutes in duration, depending on the difficulty).
  • Composition fellows’ works are programmed on the second and third concerts presented by the Performance fellows, and thereby receive ample workshop and rehearsal time on par with all other repertoire presented during the festival.
  • One recorded performance of a completed composition on a public festival concert, and recording of dress rehearsals.

More information

Sound & Image Creative Workshop

October 21, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, residencey and summerschool by mwhiteside

MORE information and application forms can be found here:


11-15 APRIL 2017











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