Chris Greive – Stemzells

How would you describe this project?

It's an intimate work suggesting solutions between written and Improvised music in performance, the compositional development from a single focussed source (one note) and a tribute to a friend who harnessed his un-delineationand grew into his dynamism.


This project takes jazz music into a new space…what was the process that took you there?

I imagined I was writing an introduction to a book that describes multiple stories/theories and uses the simplest jargon-free language.


What other projects do you have on the go at the moment?

Arranging, recording and producing the Becc Sanderson Sextet ‘Bows to Bowie’ live album (March 2nd, Jazz Bar, Edinburgh), co-writing and producing a new album with Joseph Malik (Ramrock Records), writing a composition for High School Orchestra and Big Band for my old school in Perth (Australia) plus co-planning the 4th album for NeWt (prog-jazz trio) to be recorded in Toronto this summer.


What other pieces have you seen or heard in the last year that you think will stand the test of time?

I am not to judge but as an improvising musician I hear great music constantly from wonderful musicians around me and farther afield). They're not ‘pieces' of fixed art to revisit but inspiring moments worth remembering.


In an ideal world, what is the piece or project that you would most like to write or create? 

In an ideal world I'd build a project like an Art House where I'd have specialists to nurture artists innovation and creative training for those with logical skills ad no means to have fun and improvise with it.

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