Composition Contest

March 15, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Participants will compose a composition in two movements which, while contrasting, will share thematic material.

This is a peer-judged competition. Participants will serve as the judges.

The duration, genre, form, and orchestration are all left to the discretion of the composer.

Submissions must be sent to and include the composers name and/or pseudonym in the message (but not in the files submitted), a link to the soundfile (MP3 or WAV), and a link to the score (PDF). Please post “Contest #001 Submission” in the subject line of your email.

The deadline for submissions will be set for 7:00 PM CST, Friday, March 27, 2015.

The contest will be judged by the participants themselves. The entries will remain anonymous until the voting process is complete. You must submit an entry in the competition in order to vote. Each judge’s vote will be weighted according to the percentage of votes their own submitted work receives.

The first place winner will receive a $100.00 prize, payable through Paypal.