Concrete Timbre Salon3 Series – February 20, 2016 salon

January 24, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

Concrete Timbre is a composers collective providing ongoing opportunities for composers to initiate, create, and perform challenging new interdisciplinary compositions that are inspired by a wide range of contemporary social issues. Composers are able to hear their work played by excellent musicians in front of audience in an intimate space.

For each salon, we have chosen themes to provide an impulse for composers to devise a composition with an educational objective (create awareness and knowledge) and a motivational objective (effect attitude and/or behavior change) based on their creation.
There is no fee to submit your compositions.

February 20, 2016 salon – theme is Work (labor? equality? toil? opportunity? genius?)
Instrumentation is Flute, Cello, & Piano

You may compose for all, or any combination of instruments listed.

Please submit (in PDF format only) via email.

Be sure to include: Name, Bio & jpg photo (to be used on website), program note relating your composition to the theme, a score and parts.

You are invited to attend the salon (please RSVP) at The Drawing Room, or we can provide a recording.

Note – see future salon information on website link, you can submit early for any future salon.
We will respond to all submissions.