Concurso de composición

November 15, 2015 in All Opportunities, choral, Composers by mwhiteside

Kromátika Vocal Group in its efforts to promote choral singing voice and musical culture in general, announces the first edition of the International Competition of Choral Composition “KROMÁTIKA”. This initiative responds to the strong interest of the group to support choral music and contemporary composers, whether they belong to the national or foreign sphere, and trying to bring these authors and their works to the public.


1. Composers of all nationalities and age are eligible for the competition.

2. Composers may submit up to three compositions, which must be original, that is, must not have been performed, published, awarded in another contest or recorded or broadcast by any media.

3. The work presented will be for mixed choir “a cappella” and will have a minimum duration of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes, being the theme free.

4. The compositions must be presented with clear graphics and pdf format by email to the address of the Kromátika Vocal Group,, not being able to indicate the author’s name in them and writing a pseudonym instead. Mails will be sent with the subject “I Kromátika Composition Competition” and attaching, besides the work/s, the application form duly completed and signed in accordance with the composer commitment to abide by the rules of the organization and the jury’s decision.

The jury will receive the scores under the pseudonym and will never know the personal data of the author until after declaring its decision.

5. The deadline for sending the works will be Sunday December 6, 2015 at 10 p.m. Works submitted after this date and time will be disqualified, just like all those not conforming to these rules.

6. A single prize will be awarded, consisting of the recording and inclusion of the winning work in the album that Kromátika Vocal Group will release during the first term of 2016. The competition organizers are committed to making the widest possible dissemination of the winning work, both in the sale of the CD and different music sale and distribution platforms, like Spotify or iTunes. The prize may not be declared void.

7. Regardless of property rights of the work are the author’s, the winner commits to make known, during the next three years after being awarded the prize, in any edition, either score, book, cd recording, concert program, radio, television or film, in short, always the work is presented, both in Spain and abroad, the legend: “KROMÁTIKA” AWARD – First International Choral Composition Competition, Spain, 2015.

8. The jury, formed by both the musical and artistic direction of the Kromátika Vocal Group, will select five finalists between the works received and proclaim one of those five as winner of the competition, based on artistic and formal criteria, and ensuring that the winning work adjusts to the vocal and interpretative possibilities of the choir. Except the winning work, the remaining compositions will be destroyed by the organization at the end of the contest.

9. The jury will issue its decision on December 29, 2015. It will be notified personally to the winner by the organization of the contest and publicly reported on the following websites:,

10. If, once solved the competition, it is justified that the winning work does not meet the conditions described in this call, the author will be stripped of his award, selecting the jury one of the other four works selected as the winner.

11. Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of its terms and conditions, being the final decision of the jury unappealable.

12. The interpretation of these rules will be the sole responsibility of the competition organization.

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