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23-24 October 2015

Aberdeen Art Centre & Theatre – unless otherwise stated

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Programme subject to change, times will remain consistant

Showcase – Hector MacInnes presents: The Informants, a multi-channel audio and material installation that plays upon our thoughts about the future, how easily those views date, how those views tie us to our sense of place, and the need we have to build a narrative bridge between us and our possible futures. The work centres around the fact that we often question each other on what the future will be like, when in fact the people who live there are already living here among us, albeit in child form. It presents edited interview content that is – in a playful way – an attempt to get them to “report back”on what that future is like.

Showcase – Alex Mackay presents:(Why) Does It Make Me Feel (So) Good? is about intimacy (or the lack of it) in our increasingly web-based lives. It is about feelings being things we can now access ‘on demand’. It is about ‘loneliness’being a condition related to how many bars of signal you have on your mobile device, rather than the number of bodies you have around you.
Drawing on the recent online phenomenon of ASMR, it is an immersive, multi-sensory experience where participants are invited to challenge their ideas of human interaction mediated through technology, one-on-one with their own personal ASMR-tist.

Creative lab with Stephen Deazleyan opportunity to create a cross art from new work. Join Stephen Deazley at soundlab – a place where young musicians, composers, artists, actors, directors, dancers, choreographers and anyone from any art form can come together to collaborate, create and exchange ideas. A free playspace allowing risk-taking and sharing. The lab runs 12-6 on Friday 23rd october and 10-5 on Saturday 24th. Please contact if you would like to take part.


Friday 23rd October

10.30am Coffee + Registration

12-1pm Keynote Speech by Errollyn Wallen

Born in Belize, Errollyn Wallen gave up her training at the Dance Theater of Harlem, New York to study composition at the universities of London and Cambridge. She founded her own Ensemble X, and its motto ’We don’t break down barriers in music…we don’t see any’ reflects her genuine, free-spirited approach and eclectic musicianship. She has been commissioned by outstanding music institutions from the BBC to the Royal Opera House and performed her songs internationally.


1-2pm Lunch


2-3.30pm Collide, Collude, Collaborate – visual art exhibition at Seventeen, Belmont St.


Two Worlds Collide by Dominika Mayovich & Matthew Whiteside

This cross discipline installation uses sound and image to create an immersive emotional experience. It consists of 6 pods, each housing a surrealistic painting accompanied by an ambient instrumental piece. Each individual painting also has a motion sensitive sound design element creating an interactive audiovisual artwork.

Bon Accord by Kaitlyn Dunsmore & Shaun Stables

Aberdeen’s motto “Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again – Bon Accord!”encapsulates the character of the city perfectly. This installation explores the layers that create this welcoming ambience.

The Fabian Strategy by Gemma MacGregor & Craig Ellis

Time, distance, territory, imperfection – four defining elements at the beginning of this collaboration; four things that gradually evolved through the process into a singularity. Circumstance has led to a journey akin to reciprocal surveillance where we have let our mutual interest in the negotiation of systems unfold around the work.


3.30-4pm Showcase Slot 1 – Jenny Stephenson. A short recital, featuring two exciting, recent works for solo clarinet by emerging composers based in Scotland: Strange Machines by Neil Tòmas Smith and My Life in Ventriloquism by Thomas Butler.


4-5.30pm Visual Art + New Music Workshop with Rob Kennedy
find out more about Rob and his plans for the workshop here


Literature + New Music Workshop with Zoe Strachan


6pm A Play, A Pie & A Pint at the Lemon Tree

The Wakeful Chamber by Pippa Murphy and Rebecca Sharp

A woman’s chronic somniphobia (fear of sleep) leads her to develop an elaborate system of rituals to survive the night. Inspired by the work of Aberdeen’s Royal Astronomer Sir David Gill, alchemy, fantasy and bats, this new work explores what happens to our sensory perception when familiar routines are under threat.


7pm Dinner


8pm Sandglass by Lucy Boyes and Thomas Butler – at the Lemon Tree

Exploring a shared interest in memory, documentary, time and place, this new dance/music work is based upon an assemblage of recollections and shared experiences of people from Aberdeen.


9pm A Requiem For Edward Snowden By Matthew Collings & Jules Rawlinson

This large scale live audiovisual performance piece focuses on a number of themes relevant to the 21st century, based around the actions of whistleblower Edward Snowden; loss of faith and security, invasion of privacy and personal sacrifice. The piece explores the consequences of this situation through electronic sound,acoustic instrumentation and live visuals, through the gestures and performance from live electronics performers, a clarinetist and string section, which are analysed and interact with the real-time visuals.


10pm Noisy Nights with Red Note Ensemble at The Lemon Tree

Noisy Nights are the place to hear emerging new musical ideas and voices: they’re a place to meet music-lovers, curious minds, musicians, composers and artists in an informal space and hear some of the best examples of brand new music while having a beer. They’re fun, free and your chance to listen to (and compose for!) the musicians of Red Note.


Saturday 24th October

9-10.30am Networking Breakfast


10-12pm Theatre + New Music Workshop with Bill-Bankes Jones


Computer Games + New Music Workshop with Kenny McAlpine


12pm Lunch


1pm Ensemble Thing – You Can’t Get There From Here

Can six composers truly collaborate on a single composition? The question came up after a residency at Cove Park in 2014 and the unique process that emerged entails six fragments of music being passed among the group before each finds its final form in the hands of one composer. The performance by Ensemble Thing is the result of this collaboration by Scottish composers Francis Macdonald, Sonia Allori, Colin Broom, Drew Hammond, John De Simone and Oliver Searle.


2-3.30pm Dance + New Music Workshop with Nele Hertling


Video + New Music Workshop with Hilmar Thordarson

The interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, what are the challenges and or opportunities.
Recent work – Hljods bid ek – for ensemble and live interactive sounds and video. Worked in collaboration with video artist Haraldur Karlsson.
Future work/research – ConDiS – Conducting Digital System, for conducting live sound and or visuals.
Interview with Matthew Collings and Jules Rawlinson about their work “Requiem for Edward Snowden” and their collaboration.


3.30pm Coffee

4pm Showcase Slot 2

Guitarist Malcolm MacFarlane uses electronics and technology to create soundscapes and atmospheres that subtlety evolve and develop using the interaction and spontaneity normally associated with a Chamber Jazz and improvised music environment.

Showing of work from the Creative Lab with Stephen Deazley


5pm Conclusion Talk & Discussion with Nele Hurtling

6.30pm Dinner

8pm Cryptic: The Little Match Girl Passion at The Lemon Tree

David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize winning The Little Match Girl Passion, directed and designed by Josh Armstrong, is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s heart-breaking tale and J.S. Bach’s St Matthew Passion. In a unique presentation of thispreviously un-staged masterpiece, the tragic story of the little match girl is brought to life by vocal ensemble and percussion. Reverent and gracious, J.S. Bach’s commemorative masterpiece Jesu Meine Freude acts as a poignant precursor to the fragile beauty of the little match girl.


10pmLate Night Showcase at The Lemon Tree

Lauren Sarah Hayes and Marcin Pietruszewski present Margaret – a marriage of modern computer techniques with intense analogue synthesizer

Edit-Point with Emma Lloyd and KUBOV – music by Matthew Whiteside, Timothy Cooper and KUBOV.


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