Daniel's BeardAbout

Having burst into life during Glasgow’s West End Festival in 2010, Daniel’s Beard have swiftly established themselves as one of Scotland’s busiest chamber ensembles.  Made up of players who are familiar faces in all of Scotland’s orchestras, the group is named after the impressive facial hair of Daniel Cottier, the pioneering 19th century designer responsible for the interior of their home venue, Cottier’s Theatre.  Daniel’s Beard has a core group of players along with several regular guests, meaning that their repertoire can be flexible both in instrumentation and in period and genre.  Their programmes have included works from the baroque period through to several world and UK premieres.

The host ensemble of The Cottier Chamber Project, they have been broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 3 and have recorded discs of music by McGuire, Wilson and Dohnanyi as well as a portrait of the chamber music of Christopher Rathbone, both on the Meridian label.

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