Denton McCabe Seeks Creative Works for Performance

March 15, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

Denton McCabe is a multi-disciplinary guitarist and composer seeking works to be performed alongside his two of his composition. A professional mobile recording of the performance will be made and the selected composer(s) will retain all rights to their recordings. The performance will take place at Teatro Paraguas in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of May.

McCabe’s pieces will be performed utilizing turntable, sampler, drum machine, and electric guitar.


Works should be written for one performer on any combination of

digital sampler (Akai MPC-2500)
electric guitar (Telecaster six string unit)
effects (Line 6 POD HD PRO)
turntable and DJ Mixer (specify records to be used in performance and how they will be used)
synthesizer (available synths include Korg MS2000, Korg MS-20, Dave Smith Mopho, and Korg Wavestation)

A preference will be given for works that utilize disciplines outside of music (graphic scores, spoken word, fixed media, costumes, acting, video, etc.) Essentially the sky is the limit as far as content goes.

Pieces can be anywhere from 5-12 minutes in duration.

Extended techniques are welcome, especially those using prepared guitar, two-handed tapping, slide, e-bow, etc. Think Fred Frith, Keith Rowe, Buckethead, and Derek Bailey.

A little hint for composers interested in this call, works that one might see performed in more conventional academic settings will not have a fighting chance in this call. This is for the fringe creative types and the outsiders who desire to write something wild and outside of conventional music!

Denton reserves the right to not choose any selections if there are inadequate quantities of submissions of excellent quality.

Please send scores in pdf format to

Please include Dropbox or other links to any other materials needed (images, video, synth patches, audio, etc.) Also feel free to email Denton with any questions.