Stephanie Forrest, member of  Drake Music Scotland Digital Ensemble

Stephanie Forrest, member of Drake Music Scotland Digital Ensemble. Photo Credit: KK Dundas

Drake Music Scotland is an arts organisation with charitable status established in July 1997 to create music making opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages throughout Scotland, funded by Creative Scotland. We use innovative music technologies to give those with physical disabilities or limited movement as much independent control over their chosen instruments as possible. We also use Figurenotes which helps those with learning difficulties and autism to play – in fact any beginner learning to read music.

We aim to:
LAUNCH a new artistic programme in partnership with Scotland’s national orchestras and key music organisations to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2017
COMMISSION and produce music that harnesses the creative potential of new digital instruments played alongside conventional ones in inclusive ensembles
ENGAGE with an ever wider public, encouraging appreciation of this music for its excellent qualities
INFLUENCE our partners in music education and lifelong learning to ensure equal opportunities for those with additional support needs to pursue music as a career and achieve their musical ambitions
CONNECT students, institutions, educators and the wider music community, sharing and strengthening good practice through training
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