EAW 2015 | International Conference of Electroacoustic Music of Aveiro

April 28, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

The Research Centre for Electroacoustic Music (CIME) of the Comunication and Art Department at the University of Aveiro, Isabel Soveral (CIME’s director) and the Institute for Ethnomusicology – Research Centre for Music and Dance (INET-MD) are glad to announce the call for papers for the First International Conference on Electroacoustic Music- Electroacoustic Winds 2015 (Aveiro, Portugal).

EAW 2015 highlights the special participation of the composers John Chowning (1934), Jean-Claude Risset (1938) and Daria Semegen (1946) and it also counts on the participation of renowned composers/researchers such as M. Iber, A. Sousa Dias, L. Antunes Pena, L. Brümmer and F. Menezes, A. Mihalic and M. Azguime, among others.

EAW 2015 conference comprises the following research fields:
– sonification
– sound and image
– composition and noise
algorithmic composition
– spatialization
– synthesis
interpretation / performance
preservation in live electronics

Besides the conference, EAW 2015 will also include a set of workshops for musicians and sound engineers. For a broader public it offers conferences and concerts of electroacoustic music organized by Arte no Tempo.

The call for papers is open until May 24th.

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