Embedded: BBC Radio 3’s Composer in 3

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Deadline: Noon, Thursday 5th May

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Sound and Music in partnership with BBC Radio 3

We are delighted to announce a new opportunity, launched today, offering composers the chance to be Embedded at BBC Radio 3 and be a part of their 70th anniversary celebrations of the Third Programme in September 2016.

About Embedded: BBC Radio 3’s Composer in 3

Embedded: BBC Radio 3’s Composer in 3 will begin in June 2016 with a 10 day period for the selected contemporary composer to get to know BBC Radio 3, followed by the core Embedded period of September – December 2016. During this 70 day period, the composer will have the opportunity to create regular short form works for frequent broadcast as part of the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the Third Programme.

The selected artist will work closely with Radio 3’s programme makers in composing pieces which introduce the station’s audience to a diverse range of new music.

Sound and Music’s Creative Project Leader, Hannah Bujic explained: 

‘It’s fantastic to be working with BBC Radio 3 to select a composer to work in depth at the network. Embedded: BBC Radio 3’s Composer in 3 is an amazing opportunity for a composer to engage directly with a national audience about what it means to create new music.’ 

Alan Davey, Controller BBC Radio 3 said:

‘BBC Radio 3 and the Third Programme before it, has always been a great patron of the arts and is the most significant commissioner of new classical music works. Over the period in which we mark the 70th anniversary of the Third programme and Radio 3 we’ll be inviting a contemporary composer to come in to the station to compose and lay bare the process of making contemporary music. For 70 whole days our audience will get to hear new works and learn about what it takes to make this music and how it becomes what it becomes. It’s part of our mission  to support artists to showcase their talents and to connect audiences with remarkable music and culture.’

Drawing on BBC Radio 3’s reputation as the most significant commissioner of new classical works, and following the network’s New Year New Music focus, Composer in 3 aims to:

  • Demystify the nature and processes of contemporary classical music 
  • Familiarise Radio 3 listeners with the sounds and ideas that characterise it 
  • Champion new music as a natural and enjoyable part of the broadcast listening experience 

The one recurring commitment will be one short piece per week, which will be broadcast for premiere and repeated listening in Radio 3’s breakfast programme. In addition to this there will be opportunities to create other short pieces which could take the form of idents, trails or music to be integrated with other programmes on the network.
Radio 3 is looking for a composer who can be responsive to suggested briefs but who will also enthusiastically initiate ideas and be proactive at seeking out opportunities in working with programme makers and production teams.

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Deadline: Noon, Thursday 5th May 

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