Counterflows Festival

March 24, 2016 in by mwhiteside

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  • Venue: CCA

Counterflows reaches its fifth year and I suppose it is a big deal but really the music goes on and on with or without Counterflows. In saying this of course we are really pleased to reach this milestone. A festival that celebrates marginal, underground or maybe even experimental music, which are what our labels testify to, will always struggle to exist but we have made it this far and are determined to keep the flame burning. I think really it is because good, music/art/culture etc… always prevails. Not because people say so but because people want it. This year again back celebrating with the good Glasgow International people we feel we have an extraordinary line-up that pushes the things we believe in even further. Counterflows is a festival for the curious. It is a festival investigating what underground art is and isn’t and what it can be. Counterflows asks these questions and others and celebrates the desire for exploration. Counterflows offers a renaissance palate of sound. Come and join us in the way forward.