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electric voice theatre
Minerva Scientifica
Echoes from the Borders (working title)
Minerva Scientifica: Patron – Judith Weir (Master of the Queen’s Music)
Minerva Scientifica 2018
Echoes from the Borders
2 unique events
Celebrating the work of local women scientists and school students
Monday June 18th 6.30pm Ebba Centre, St Abbs
WORLD PREMIERE of the complete “STORMSONG 1881” Written and Performed by
Eyemouth High School Music Students, with a lot of help from Coldingham Primary School,
electric voice theatre, Meteorologist, Marjory Roy and Marine Biologist, Karen Diele.
How can weather codes make heart breaking music? How did the terrible Storm of 1881
develop? What goes on in the Marine Station at St Abbs and what has it got to do with
Brazil? Why is physics for you? (Yes it is!) Where are the Scottish Women Scientists and what
do they look like?
Find out in this whirlwind of vocal, instrumental and artistic talent from your schools, with a
guest appearance by Margaret Cameron of the BBC Singers, and some great singalong songs.

Ebba Centre, St Abbs, TD14 5PH

Donations on the door

Suggested amount £5 Adult  £2.50 Children

Donations will be divided equally between St Abbs

Community Trust SCIO and electric voice theatre

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Tel: 018907 71557

St Abbs Community Trust SCIO

Charity Number: SC022555