July 28, 2015 in by mwhiteside

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Immersion is an audio-visual collaboration which brings together the complex and detailed multi-channel sound environments of James Wyness and the projections, imagery and photographic processes of Graham Patterson.

The collaboration is truly experimental yet builds on firmly established individual practices. Immersion strips back the audio-visual experience to core principles: light and dark, sound and silence, continuity and discontinuity.

The top floor of The Bakery Studio, Jedburgh’s spacious new art space, will be transformed into an immersive environment in which the audience is invited to sit, stand, curl up on the floor (bring your cushion or sleeping bag) or navigate the space. This first public performance by the duo will see the artists respond to the space and to the emerging morphology and syntax of each other’s processes, working across four channels of densely layered sound and multiple distributed projections.

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