Nicolas Hodges Performs Stockhausen Klavierstücke

October 30, 2014 in by mwhiteside

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“Hodges’ recitals always boldly go where few other pianists dare… with an energy that sometimes defies belief.” The Guardian Stockhausen’s epic cycle of 19 Klavierstücke (piano pieces) was begun in the 1950s and finished over half a century later in 2002/3. They are a thrilling set of standalone works, but have the added fascination that many of them also link to other pieces. The two Nicolas Hodges plays here are related to operas in Stockhausen’s ‘Licht’ cycle, and deliver plenty of theatre and drama. Hodges himself was one of Stockhausen’s favoured interpreters and gives intense, vivid performances of these extraordinary pieces.

Tickets: £10 (concessions available)