Pierre Boulez: a celebration

July 27, 2016 in by mwhiteside

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Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival
In association with Riverside Studios, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art

Pierre Boulez: a celebration

In the year of Boulez’ death, it’s time to take stock of his extraordinary achievement as musician, composer, performer, pioneer. This concert presents two of Boulez’ most atmospheric, intimate and captivating works for instruments and electronics.  When they were first made these pieces required many technicians and technologies to realise their complex electronic behaviours live in concert. In their most recent versions these pieces show just how powerful a multi-core laptop computer is today and we are reminded of the essential role digital technologies play in almost all aspects of music making. These works can now be performed with minimal technical support, but with no loss of the delicate, detailed and intricate interaction they require of performer and electronic sound.


Anthèmes II, for violin and live electronics (1997)
Performed by Mieko Kanno (violin) and Tim Cooper (electronics)

Anthèmes started life as a short solo violin piece in 1991. The longer, 23-minute electroacoustic piece Anthèmes II was realised by the same team who had produced Dialogue in the previous decade. The piece consists of live violin, live-processed and pre-recorded/processed sounds, creating a series of distinct tableaux.

Dialogue de l’ombre double, for clarinet and fixed media sound (1985)
Performed by Pete Furniss (clarinet and electronics)

An atmospheric work for solo clarinettist and ‘virtual’ partner in a dazzling and at times dizzying dialogue. Boulez plays out this shadow discourse by alternating the live clarinet with a set of responses which are pre-recorded with spatial and dynamic effects. These recorded sounds surround the audience, while live sections focus on the isolated soloist. This immersive 18–minute piece demands considerable stamina, technical expertise, concentration and virtuosity to perform.

Tickets – £15 (£12)