Replaceable Things

July 27, 2014 in by mwhiteside

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This event finished on 17 August 2014

Ensemble Thing

Exploring the human condition in the 21st century, Replaceable Things showcases Panic Diary by John De Simone and Replaceable Parts for the Irreplaceable You by Thomas Butler in an engaging and immersive 70 minute music and multimedia performance.

In the intimate and thought-provoking Panic Diary, lose yourself in the mind of a composer living with an anxiety disorder who opens up his diaries to convey previous struggles with identity, purpose and day-to-day living.

Replaceable Parts for the Irreplaceable You explores what purpose we actually serve in a world that is inundated and overrun with new technology. Is it possible to keep your human identity in an era dominated by the machine? Are you expendable?

Both works combine spoken word, cold electronic sound tracks and video projection with the sublime musicianship of some of the finest professional musicians currently working in Scotland.

Prices: £10/8
Booking : (0131 560 1581) or 180 High Street, EH1 1QS (0131 226 0000)
Contact email: (Producer) (Public Relations)