Rosas Company – Cottier Chamber Project

May 25, 2016 in by mwhiteside

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  • Venue: Tramway
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Tramway Theatre and The Cottier Chamber Project present Rosas Dance Company in two performances of Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s very first performance, premièred in 1982, and never before performed in Glasgow.

Fase comprises three duets and one solo, choreographed to four repetitive compositions by the American minimalist Steve Reich. De Keersmaeker uses the structure of Reich’s music to develop an independent movement idiom that doesn’t merely illustrate the music but also adds a new dimension to it. Both the music and the dance start from the principle of phase-shifting through tiny variations: movements that are initially perfectly synchronous gradually start slipping and sliding, resulting in a complex play of continuously changing forms and patterns.

One of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, Rosas have been at the forefront of Europe’s dance scene for many years. The opportunity to see Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker dancing Fase is not to be missed!

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