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October 14, 2015 in by mwhiteside

Event Details

Showcase – Hector MacInnes presents: The Informants, a multi-channel audio and material installation that plays upon our thoughts about the future, how easily those views date, how those views tie us to our sense of place, and the need we have to build a narrative bridge between us and our possible futures. The work centres around the fact that we often question each other on what the future will be like, when in fact the people who live there are already living here among us, albeit in child form. It presents edited interview content that is – in a playful way – an attempt to get them to “report back”on what that future is like.

Showcase – Alex Mackay presents:(Why) Does It Make Me Feel (So) Good? is about intimacy (or the lack of it) in our increasingly web-based lives. It is about feelings being things we can now access ‘on demand’. It is about ‘loneliness’being a condition related to how many bars of signal you have on your mobile device, rather than the number of bodies you have around you.
Drawing on the recent online phenomenon of ASMR, it is an immersive, multi-sensory experience where participants are invited to challenge their ideas of human interaction mediated through technology, one-on-one with their own personal ASMR-tist.

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