Songbirds: NYCoS National Girls Choir and Karen Cargill

August 27, 2015 in by mwhiteside

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Michael Head, the half-forgotten First World War-era British composer, is having a most curious revival. A revival not entirely unlike his original musical career, or indeed the man himself: understated, modest and yet of real substance. Head was, above all else, a singer’s composer. Acutely sensitive to words, his sympathetic treatment of the musical content together with effective word setting produces, in each song, a perfect musical miniature.


Perhaps it is the fond memories of performing Head’s best-known songs, The Ships of Arcady and The Little Road to Bethlehem, at singing competitions that prompted Karen Cargill, world-renowned Scottish mezzo-soprano and NYCoS National Girls Choir patron, to collaborate in this rediscovery of his lesser-performed and never-before-recorded Snowbirds song cycle. A collection of seven songs, each beautifully imagined by Head, Snowbirds displays a richness of emotion and drama: moments of intensity and grandeur are juxtaposed with dreamlike passages and heartbreak.


NYCoS National Girls Choir and Karen Cargill, under the baton of the inimitable Christopher Bell, expertly convey the nostalgia and passion of this captivating work. Also featuring British composer Gary Carpenter’s Shakespeare-inspired The Food of Love – Book 2.



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