Sonica: XFRMR

January 21, 2016 in by mwhiteside

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Making music with a Tesla Coil is a truly direct way of turning electricity into sound. XFRMR explores the possibilities of the Tesla Coil as an instrument in its own right in a composition inspired by the sounds of space weather and electromagnetic fields. By synthesising waveforms that modulate the frequency of the Coil’s output it is possible to create distorted tones and harsh percussive stabs, often with unexpected results, that form an abrasive musical palette.

Robbie Thomson’s XFRMR presents the visceral power of electricity in its raw physical state, the smell of ozone and synaptic bursts of light give us a glimpse into the subatomic relationships that govern the universe – from black holes to the microprocessor.

“A playful paradise of science-fiction style hi-tech wizardry…” MAP Magazine

Tickets and Booking:
£9.50 Online Savers Rate: 
one evening performance + access to all installations
£16.50: one evening performance + access to all installations
£24.50 Day Pass: two evening performances + access to all installations
£36 Festival Pass: all performances on Fri/Sat + access to all installations
20% off group bookings of six and above

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