Spoken Spaces, Sonic Traces

July 27, 2014 in by mwhiteside

Event Details

Spoken Spaces, Sonic Traces is an opportunity to experience a fresh and engaging musical setting of the finest Scottish poetry brought to life in art song by established Edinburgh-based composers. Scored for mezzo-soprano, piano and cello, each song is the setting of a work by a Scottish poet, selected by the composer for invoking a feeling, recollection, or story relating to Scotland, or a location in Scotland. The programme features works by Harry Whalley, Alfredo Caponnetto, Elisabeth Cowe, Luci Holland, Stuart Taylor, Matt Giannotti and Kostas Rekleitis.
Voice: Rachel Timney, Cello: Justyna Jablonska, piano: Sarah Becker

Prices: £10/8

Booking info: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/spoken-spaces-sonic-traces