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July 3, 2019 in by mwhiteside

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This event finished on 20 August 2019

Tickets £10/£8
14th and 16th August – Turning the Elements
13th and 14th August – Tom Poulson, Danielle Price and Timothy Cooper
20th August – Duo van Vliet – viola, accordion

Turning the Elements
The Night With… Turning the Elements (Joanna Nicholson clarinet and Frances Cooper soprano) includes settings of poetry by Matthew Whiteside, Rebecca Rowe and Stuart Murray Mitchell by Scottish poets Jane McKie, Stewart Sanderson and Helene Grøn.

– Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet by Rebecca Rowe*
Gyre by Joanna Nicholson †
… everyone is a child of the inbetween… by Matthew Whiteside, words Helene Grøn
Do we? We do. From Beck Song Reader, arranged by Joanna Nicholson†
Horo by Stuart Murray Mitchell*
Lux Aeterna Poetry by Nan Shepherd, music by Joanna Nicholson
*Poetry by Jane McKie and Stewart Sanderson

Tom Poulson, Danielle Price and Timothy Cooper
music for trumpet, tuba and electronics. This programme is a one-half lunchtime concert. To view and book for the evening concert check out the 13th and 15th August Made in Scotland

Full programme:
Tierkreis – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Decoherence – Christopher Biggs
Breathing Space – Cooper
Still – Jonathan Harvey
Scatter – Alistair MacDonald
Asper Strata – Diana Salazar
Sequenza for Trumpet – Searle

Duo van Vliet
Duo van Vliet are an accordion and viola duo, comprising Rafał Łuc (accordion) and Ian Anderson (viola). They began playing together in January 2011 while they were both students at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Their love of contemporary music led them to name themselves after the late, great Don van Vliet, better known by his avant-garde rock persona, Captain Beefheart. In their inaugural year they reached the final of the Royal Over-Seas League Chamber Music Competition in London, and since then have dedicated themselves to expanding the viola and accordion repertoire. They make a point of commissioning as many composers as possible to write for them, and have a long list of desired future collaborations, time- and funding-allowing.

Linda Buckley – The Night With… commission (w.p.)
Captain Beefheart (arranged by Ian Anderson)
Marta Sniady – <<<st)i(ll<<<
Richard Greer – Black Box (w.p.)
Adam Porębski – ReVerse 2
Cezary Duchnowski – cROSSFAdE 2
Ae Fond Kiss
Paweł Malinowski – Canvas

The Night With… at the Edinburgh Fringe is part of the Made In Scotland Showcase We are presenting nine concerts of five different programmes as part of the showcase. To view all The Night With… concerts at the fringe go