Underhand Dance & Allon Beauvoisin – Cottier Chamber Project

May 25, 2016 in by mwhiteside

Event Details

somewhere between 3 and 4 (world première)

Tickets £8/6 in advnac,e £10 on the door.

Jazz, dance and whole host of other influences collide in an exploration of the grey areas between the perceptions in any given relationship.
Yin and Yang, Male and Female, Music and Dance.

The curious duality of being both right and wrong at the same time.

In the western world the dancer is commonly thought to follow the music whilst in classical Indian music the roles are reversed. This project explores this role reversal within the context of structures used in jazz traditions. The musicians’ improvisations are not only influenced by the underlying harmonic structure but also from the dancers‘ movements giving the dancers the option and freedom to dictate the structure and musical phrases with in each section. And vice versa…!

Chrissie Ardill, Allon Beauvoisin, Stuart Brown and John Allan