Fest in Lemgo – CALL FOR SCORES

February 9, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

For the completion of the works and the re-opening of the Mittelstraße street the city of Lemgo organizes a concert in cooperation with the Ensemble Volans. We are looking for a new composition to be performed, by the Ensemble Volans, in Lemgo on May 21st 2016.

About the composition:

• The subject of the composition is to be the street and its noises. The composition can include noises of the street and even those of the construction of the street. The composition should reinstate the newly opened street to the consciousness of the people of Lemgo.

• Instrumentation: violin, cello, saxophone and percussion*
*it is to be considered that for the percussion there will be a vibraphone and three metal objects of no specific tonal height from the construction site, that will be chosen by the percussionist on the day of the performance.

• The composition should be accompanied by a short text, explaining the approach of the composer. This text can be either in English or German.

• Duration around 7 minutes

• There is no age limit

• Composers of all nationalities allowed

• There is no participation fee

Closing date: 22. April 2016 email address: ensemble.volans@gmail.com

The jury consists by the professors of composition of the Hochschule for Music and Theater in Hamburg Manfred Stahnke, Frederik Schwenk and Sascha Lino Lemke as well as the artistic directors of the Ensemble Volans.

The chosen composition will be performed for the first time, by the Ensemble Volans, in Lemgo on May 21st. The composer will get a recording of that performance. Also a ticket (inside of Germany) will be provided for the composer to be present at the concert. The composition will be announced to the media of Lemgo and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ensemble Volans is an ensemble devoted to the interpretation of contemporary music. It consists of young musicians based in Hamburg, Germany. Its repertoire varies from contemporary music ‘classics’ to premiers of works by new composers, film music and new music improvisation. Ensemble Volans performs in a regular basis in concert halls in Hamburg and other cities.

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