Hilmar Thordarson is a composer using traditional instruments as source for researching and experimenting with the various possibilities new technology is offering sonically and visually in live interactive performance.

Thordarson is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Music at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) working on a new tool designed to enable a conductor not only to control the overall sound of the performing musicians but also to control a digitally processed version of the performer´s sound in real time. It means that the conductor should be able to “grab” a sound throw it in the air (so to speak), change its sonority and move it around the hall, all with his conducting gestures.

Workshop will include:
The interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, what are the challenges and or opportunities.
Recent work – Hljods bid ek – for ensemble, live interactive sounds and video. Worked in collaboration with video artist Haraldur Karlsson and AJO ensemble.
Future work/research – ConDiS – Conducting Digital System, for conducting live sound and or visuals.
Interview with Matthew Collings and Jules Rawlinson about their work “Requiem for Edward Snowden” and their collaboration.

More information on conference registration: http://www.newmusicscotland.co.uk/conference2015/

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