II FIME – Festival Internacional de Música Experimental

March 10, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, Conference, electroacoustic by mwhiteside


The second edition of FIME – Festival Internacional de Música Experimental (International Experimental Music Festival) will take place in São Paulo, by the middle of July 2016 (exact dates to be announced).

In its second edition, the Festival will have as a focal point of its programming the idea of limits, such an idea being open to the interpretation of the participants, with its multiplicity of possible understandings. Some of them could be related to, for example: physical limits of the performer or of the audience; boundaries between music and silence or between music and noise; media interdependence; limits of authorship and reproducibility; dissolution of frontiers between practices, genres and formats; among others.

By this suggestion the Festival does not intend to establish or delimit some specific genre or suggest a determined repertoire, but to allow and promote artistic diversity, as we do not depart from a closed idea.

Most of the program of the Festival will be constituted by artists selected by means of a call for proposals. Thus, the Festival will be open to the most diverse proposals within the intentionally broad scope of what we are calling “experimental music”, without other classifications of style or genre.

The curators of this edition of the Festival are: Fernanda Navarro, Mário Del Nunzio and Matthias Koole.