Ilan Volkov and Alasdair Campbell – Shortlisted for Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Award for Achievement in New Music

February 18, 2017 in safnm2017 by mwhiteside

We talk to Ilan Volkov and Alasdair Campbell about their work in the run up to the first Scottish Awards for New Music.

Ilan Volkov (IV)

  1. How did the Tectonics come about to begin with?

IV For years i wished for an event that would combine my love for classical new music to other musics and finally in 2012 the first Tectonics Festival happened in Reykjavik with Iceland Symphony. Since then there have been 18 events in many cities around the world.

AC  Ilan contacted me about doing it in Glasgow with the BBC SSO with my role to work closely with the BBC SSO, with the local artists that were involved and to work with him on the balance of the programme between the orchestral world and the more out there experimental practitioners.

Alisdair Campbell AC

  1. What were the highlights of the 2016 performances

AC The whole thing is one big highlight. It is hard to tear it a part but Alvin Curran’s jamboree of sound and spectacle, Musique Sans Frontieres, was something special. Nate Young’s piece with the orchestra with Ilan heading out in to the crowd with his shaker. David Fennesy’s Hirta Rounds was sublime as David’s work always is. Always hearing John Tilbury play. Andy Moor’s piece on the rings of hell and meeting Annea Lockwood.

IV for me it was  firstly Alvin Curran’s large scale piece for amateur brass bands, bagpipers and orchestra. And Ande Somby amazing solo vocal performance was a truly moving moment.

  1. You are both involved in a lot of other projects throughout the year – can you give us a quick summary of these?

IV besides conducting various orchestras in mainstream repertoire I also premiere quite a few pieces.A special two days this year will be playing at the Venice Bienalle in the french pavillion with 2 friends from Israel.

AC Most of the year I spend organising my festival Counterflows with Fielding Hope which is now on its sixth edition. I also have a residency series to support artists to develop ideas. I also develop new commissions and projects. So this year will see the fruition of a project with Mark Fell exploring South Indian carnatic traditions. The project will be premiered at Counterflows this year and will then tour to Kolkata, Chennai and Fort Cochin in India in the Autumn and involves India musicians as well as UK artists.

  1. What piece/project/performance did you see this year that you wished you had programmed or been involved in yourself?

AC The Supernormal festival in Braziers Park was a wonderful experience with Asiq Nargile a very special moment. The whole festival has a great spirit.

IV Mike Huckaby Reel-To-Reel performance in a place called a Teder in Tel Aviv.Totally amazing set!

5. What is the project that you would most like to do?  The Dream Project…?


AC I’m doing them now. And for me each new project is the next dream.

IV Hoping for a Tectonics like residency where many of the artists we work with develop and create new work and new collaborations begin.