In Cahoots 2020

Sound Thought will be In Cahoots with New Music Scotland for 3 days of exploration and discovery.

Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March will focus on the potential of new music to play an active role in influencing and educating the communities in which we live and work. Presenters (including Uchenna Ngwe, Lenny Sayers, Drew Hammond, Matthew Whiteside, and Alasdair Campbell) will lead sessions looking at new music and environmental responsibility, education, the digital future, our global outlook, our relationship to musical and artistic traditions, and inclusivity. Other events will include a talk from Ilan Volkov (Principal Guest Conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the brains behind the global Tectonics festivals), opportunities to network and continue discussions informally, a late-night improv gig from Ilan Volkov, Mariam Rezaei and Fritz Welch, and other performances throughout the 3 days.

Sunday 22nd will focus on the research and work being created by the University of Glasgow’s postgraduate and PhD students.

The event will be based in the University of Glasgow’s Concert Hall, with additional events taking place in the Merchant City in the West End.

Confirmed speakers include Ilan Volkov, Alasdair Campbell, Uchenna Ngwe, Lenny Sayers, Matthew Whiteside, and members of the University of Glasgow’s music department staff


Friday/Saturday – £20 for 1 day (£10 students) / £30 for 2 days (£15 students)

University of Glasgow music students can access a discount code via Moodle

Sunday – £5 (£3 students) these tickets direct from sound thought

Friday (times tbc):

New Music and Education: does new music have a role to play outside of the classroom? Or even outside of music as a subject? This session will explore the potential of music to be a useful and effective tool in both formal and informal educational settings, and across a range of subjects

Ilan Volkov talks about his approach to new music as a listener, performer, curator, and all-around curious person.

New Music and Environmental Responsibility: new music and the sector should be fit for a 21st century world… This session explores our responsibilities environmentally and the potential that there is for the sector to make a difference, both practically and creatively.

Performances curated by Sound Thought

New Music and a Global View: music can be a vital – and easily accessible – window into other cultures and viewpoints. This session will look at the difficulties faced in the current political climate, and explores the role that new music could play in shaping understanding and policymaking.

Late-night performance from Ilan Volkov, Mariam Rezaei, and Fritz Welch

Saturday (times tbc):

New Music and the Digital Future: 20 years ago, streaming was barely even a dream – now it, along with an ever increasing selection of digital technologies, is a part of daily life. This sessions explores the potential technologies of the future, and how new music might take advantage of the possibilities on offer.

New Music and Inclusivity: Music is a universal language, which should include everyone… but often we fall short. This session looks at the long term impact of engaging with audiences of greater diversity, exploring how that could lead to a more inclusive make up of performers in years to come, and examines the potential for engaging with communities and breaking down prejudices and barriers through new music.

New Music and Musical Traditions: The players are often the same, yet the audiences differ wildly. This session explores the relationship between new music and music from historical traditions, approaches to programming, and engaging with audiences in order to challenge, develop, and satisfy both artists and audiences.

Performance curated by Sound Thought

Sunday (times tbc):

Sound Thought Programme

Performance by the Glasgow New Music Experiment

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