Interactive Soundwalk Summerschool

July 1, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers, residencey and summerschool by newmusicscotland

Join us for this incredible opportunity to make Interactive Soundwalks at our two-week long summer school. STEIM has teamed up with The Sounds of the Netherlands (GvNL) and Echoes to provide expert guidance and hands-on soundwalk creation techniques from leaders in the field.

In these intensive workshops you’ll get the chance to research, design and experience your own soundwalks. We’ll provide discussion, training, advice, and team-working sessions to maximise your creative potential. Join us in creating hidden sonic adventures in the magical city of Amsterdam!


DATES: From the 17th of August till the 28th of August TIMES: The schedule will be announced soon COSTS: €300 LOCATION: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam The Interactive Soundwalk Summerschool is based on three fundamental aspects of interactive soundwalks: 1. The Narrative: storytelling, sonic games 2. The Interaction Model: impulses, controls and output 3. The Stage: the context and surroundings During this workshop the participants will: – get a general overview of the current state of soundwalks and the Echoes system. – create soundwalks using the Echoes Creator, which can be played back with the Echoes smartphone app. – utilise the Het Geluid van Nederland geolocated sound database.. – learn about metadata ‘best practices’ and discuss how to tag best tag sounds. – do field recording, studio recording, sound editing and manipulation, sound composition, final production and mastering. – present their results at the end of the summerschool.

Lecturers Arnoud Traa

De Auditieve Dienst is Arnoud Traa, a sound designer and soundwalk artist with 10 years of international field experience in sound walks and audio tours. His artworks focus on ‘vanished sounds’ and in recent years he has given workshops and lectures on this topic within the realm of soundwalking. Arnoud considers sound an actor in the narrative of the soundwalk and this vision is embedded in his teachings.

Josh Kopecek

Josh Kopecek is the director of Echoes. Echoes offers its tools free of charge to those who want to create new interactive experiences with soundmaps. The platform is encouraging the learning of basic audio creation and manipulation skills, as well as new skills which stimulate the creator to think about how their work reacts with the environment around them – acoustic ecology