International composition competition in honour of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnizt – chamber and soundart

November 21, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

1. Orchestra (2222 – 2221 – timp, 2 percussion, harp,
strings), duration 10-15 minutes.
2. Ensemble of traditional Chinese and Western instruments
(pipa, zheng, sheng, erhu, fl, cl, pi, perc*, acc, vl,
vcl, db): trio to tutti, at least one Chinese instrument,
maximum duration 12 minutes.
3. Solo instrument zheng, pipa, clarinet, cello or accordion,
maximum duration 12 minutes.
4. Radiophonic Composition/soundart
stereophonic and possibly 5.1, for broadcast on hr2-kultur
(Hessischer Rundfunk – Radio Frankfurt, public service
radio) and at public performances, duration 20-40 minutes.
All submitted pieces should be based on Leibniz’s writings
on the relationship between harmony and dissonance,
arithmetic and music (vide the letter to Christian
Goldbach of 17 April 1712, Opera omnia Volume III, Dutens,
Geneva, 1768)*.
First and subsequent performances will be given during
2016 at coordinated events in Hannover and Beijing by the
musicians of:
NDR Radiophilharmonie, Hannover and
Con Tempo Ensemble, Beijing and
Das Neue Ensemble, Hannover.
Prize money will be awarded as follows:
1st prize orchestra 5.000 Euro
2nd prize orchestra 4.000 Euro
3rd prize orchestra 3.000 Euro
1st prize ensemble 5.000 Euro
2nd prize ensemble 3.000 Euro
3rd prize ensemble 1.500 Euro
1st prize solo 3.000 Euro
2nd prize solo 2.000 Euro
3rd prize solo 1.000 Euro
1st prize soundart 1.500 Euro
2nd prize soundart 1.000 Euro
3rd prize soundart 500 Euro
The jury may at their discretion distribute the prize money
differently depending on the distribution of submissions; their
decision is binding and not subject to legal recourse.
Prizewinners must be present at the first performance of their
works, and are obliged to supply all necessary material for the
performance in the event of their work being selected no more
than ten days after being notified of selection. By accepting
the prize money the artist consents to his/her radiophonic
soundart piece being broadcast by hr2-kultur (Hessischer
Rundfunk – Radio Frankfurt) in any area and for an unlimited
period; the association also retains the right to play the
work during its public events without being liable to pay a
composer’s fee (performances will be, of course, registered at
the respective right societies, e.g. GEMA).
Works must be submitted anonymously (identified only by a
number corresponding to that on an envelope containing the
name, address, telephone number and email address, along
with a cv and photograph of the composer) and in eight copies,
by the deadlines set down in the schedule below:
1 March 2016
Submission deadline for categories II (ensemble);
III (solo) and IV (soundart)
21 June 2016
Submission deadline for category I (orchestra)
30 June and 1 July 2016
Ensemble prizewinners concerts, Hannover
Announcement of the prizewinners;
celebratory event to mark the 370th anniversary
of Leibniz’s birth
1 July – 6 November 2016
Solo prizewinners concerts at the Leibniz memorial
in Georgengarten, Hannover
5 – 15 July 2016
Ensemble concerts in Beijing
9 December 2016
Orchestra prizewinners concert with the
NDR–Radiophilharmonie Hannover
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