Laser Tag Sound Track

January 5, 2015 in All Opportunities, Composers by newmusicscotland

LASER TAG SOUND TRACK is an concert of speculative soundtracks at a functioning laser tag facility, where the audience explores experimental compositions as active participants.

A normal game of laser tag utilizes music already: typically a driving, chunky mix which echoes the sound of blockbuster war films (as coverage of real conflict by mainstream news media often does as well). This project is intended as a exploration of collective human response to the grey areas between recreation, entertainment, emotional suggestivity, and conflict.

Additionally, some audience members will act within each laser tag game as embedded scenario journalists. They will be loaned equipment for recording a live audio track, which will be mixed and aired live with the soundtracks on a mobile radio broadcasting unit.

LTST is calling for broad spectrum of 15-20 minute original works that respond in some way to the role of soundtrack in our mediated lives:
Twisting the experience of watching a high school wrestling match by putting on headphones, or soldiers blasting Rage while on tank patrol. The sinister perfection of a film trailer.

The event is scheduled for late February, with a compositional due date of Feb 1. Six submissions will be selected to play at the live event and will be notified by Feb 7. There is a modest honorarium for those six pieces, but all submissions will be featured in a preliminary radio broadcast on Feb 17 on KCHUNG.

Please contact for details re: uploading submissions.

This is an independent artist project. Technical assistance by KCHUNG Radio and ULTRAZONE Laser Tag Alhambra.

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