LCCC New Music Ensemble call for scores and commission

November 4, 2014 in All Opportunities, Composers by mwhiteside

The newly formed Laramie County Community College (LCCC) New Music Ensemble seeks original open-instrumentation compositions that are performable with an ensemble of 2-20 performers to program on its April 2015 concert in Cheyenne, Wyoming. LCCC NME has a current instrumentation of mostly winds and percussion, but by Spring 2015 its size and instrumentation could hypothetically be very different. In addition to open-instrumentation works, LCCC NME seeks works for less traditional instrumental setups (e.g., brake drums, pieces of paper, etc.).

From the submission pool, the judging panel will also select two composers to commission to write new 5-15 minute works, also open instrumentation or for less traditional setups, for LCCC NME’s April 2015 concert. The two selected composers will each be awarded a $500 commission, lodging for up to two nights and round-trip domestic airfare to attend the premiere and workshop the piece with the ensemble. Once the commissions have been issued, the parameters of the new work will be discussed with Bryan Christian, the director of the LCCC NME.

Rules and Logistics:

Submission Deadline: Dec. 15, 2014

Entry Fee: None

Open to: Composers regardless of age, nationality or education. Composers living outside the U.S. are encouraged to submit, but LCCC will not be able to provide full round-trip airfare if he or she is selected as a commissioned composer; however, a travel stipend equivalent to a domestic airfare can be discussed. Composers whose works are programmed, but not newly commissioned, will be welcome to attend the concert and rehearsals with the ensemble, but LCCC will not be able to provide assistance with travel or lodging. The concert will be recorded and tracks will be made available to the programmed composers.

Performed/Recorded?: Works that have already been performed and/or recorded are eligible for this call. Only the LCCC NME newly commissioned works need be premieres.

All entrants will be notified of the judging panel’s decisions by Jan. 15, 2015. LCCC NME will have the right to perform any submitted work at the April 2015 concert and all future concerts. LCCC NME will notify each composer in advance if his or her work is programmed and will submit all performance information to the appropriate performing rights organizations. LCCC NME also reserves the right to not program any of the submissions should they not fit LCCC’s programming needs. The composers will retain the copyright and ownership of the commissioned works.

Commissioned compositions must be completed and delivered to the LCCC NME director by March 23, 2015. The $500 commission fee will be paid once the score has been delivered in full.

The concert date will occur in April 2015 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The specific date will be finalized by the submission deadline and this information will be updated appropriately.

How to Enter:

All submissions must be made to To ensure LCCC receives a composer’s submission, the maximum attachment size (including the recording) shouldn’t exceed 20MB. If a composer’s file size exceeds that limit, they can include a link to a file sharing service, such as Dropbox, where LCCC NME can access the documents.


1. A biography and/or artist statement not exceeding 750 words together (PDF or text document).

2. A score in PDF format. Scores need not be traditionally notated: graphic, text and hybrid scores are encouraged. However, if a composer’s score isn’t traditionally notated, and the information isn’t in the score itself, he or she can include appropriate documentation about how performers should realize the score in a separate PDF or text document.

3. Recordings of realizations and performances are encouraged, but not required. Excerpts are also welcome. If there is a specific section composers would like LCCC NME to hear, they can clearly mark cue-times.


Address all questions to the LCCC NME Director Bryan Christian at


Founded by director and composer Bryan Christian, LCCC NME performs experimental music and specializes in open-instrumentation, graphic and text-based scores. As a relatively small and ever-changing eclectic ensemble based at a community college, LCCC NME provides a platform for fresh interpretations of new music by performers who may have little or no background in new music. Further, LCCC NME seeks to expand the experimental music repertoire by actively commissioning new works.