Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation – Barricades and Partitions

February 3, 2016 in All Opportunities, Composers, Performers by mwhiteside

Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation
Concert Series
Barricades and Partitions

Website: www.facebook.com/leedsimprovisedmusicandexperimentation

Leeds Improvised Music and Improvisation (LIME) is pleased to announce this call for electronic, acoustic, and electroacoustic works for our upcoming event: Barricades and Partitions, the next edition of our annual concert series.

This edition of LIME’s concert series will take place on 1st May, 2016 and will do so at Wharf Chambers in the heart of Leeds City Centre. Composers whose compositions are selected are encouraged (but not required) to attend. While no cash prize or travel prize will be allocated to the selectees, guidance on travel and local accommodation in Leeds will provided.

Composers of all ages and nationalities are encouraged to submit, and the winning submissions will be announced by 25th March, 2016.

Application Deadline:
18th March, 2016

Concert and Performance Concept:
The acoustic pieces will be performed by an assembly of musicians based out of The University of Leeds that has dedicated itself to playing new music. Within the context of this LIME event, the intention of this performance ensemble is to be an extension of the performance space. The composition should itself be conceived to be performed without a conductor. Aesthetically, the piece should offer a soundscape that could be engaged with intently, or, passively, much like a piece of visual art, and, should suggest no beginning and no end.
In addition to submissions from composers, LIME will also be accepting submissions from visual artists for this event. The thematic material for these submission based on “time, as an artificial construct”.
However, composers may or may not choose to use this thematic material to guide their creative process.

Submission Guidelines:
Suggested length for submissions is between 5 and 25 minutes. Pieces that exceed 15 minutes may be rejected if the artistic directors of LIME deem them infeasible to prepare in a timely fashion.

The instrumentation for acoustic submissions should be limited to the following:

-Double Bass
-Alto Saxophone
-Tenor Saxophone
-Electric Guitar

When writing for percussion, it is suggested that composers write for Idiophonic or Membranophonic instruments that are easily transportable. Timpani, full drum set, and marimba, for example, would not be considered easily transportable.

In compliance with the artistic of Barricades and Partitions, preference will be given to works with these notation styles:

-Graphic Scores
-Text Scores
-The ability for material to change based on how the audience is interacting with the space
-Placement of instrumentalists in the space (a floor plan for wharf chambers can be found on our Facebook page)

Aforementioned length guidelines still apply.

Accepted formats:
-.mp3 (any bit rate)

Wharf Chambers is not equipped for surround sound.

Electroacoustic (electronics and instrumentalists)
All guidelines from both acoustic and electronic pieces apply.

Submission Details:
Scores and all questions regarding submissions are to be submitted to co-artistic director of LIME, Eli Ponder-Twardy, via:

Audio files are also to be submitted via email. Suggested means include:

-Google Drive

We also ask for the following information from composers with their submissions:
-Reliable E-mail
-Brief Bio (no longer than 200 words)

On behalf of LIME, we wish you all a fulfilling experience and continued success in future endeavors!